Friday, April 27, 2012

Guess what.

I've decided that my future husband is going to be the coolest person ever. Seriously.

I keep having these daydreams (more like, oh my gosh, I-hope-that-doesn't-happen-to-me freak out sessions) that I force myself to marry a guy I don't even like. This little mindset of mine started when I kept seeing these guys on campus that I would never want to marry in a million years. For example, the cocky, full of themselves guys that dig for compliments; and the totally WEIRD, awkward guys that can't hold a conversation with a girl, or a guy for that matter; and those guys that I definately do not find attractive (but other girls do) that wear super skinny jeans, and "cool" baseball caps on campus (I do NOT like honor code breakers... unattractive), and giant headphones that make them look like a DJ.

Anyways, I kept seeing these guys that I would never marry in a million years, and I kept thinking that they were the only ones in the world! I kept thinking that, no matter what, I would have to conform and choose one of these guys and learn to get over how stupid they are. (I know you have to get over things about your husband that you don't like, but you know what I mean).

I've decided (and I have to keep reminding myself) that the man I marry is going to be AWESOME.

  • He's going to care more about me than he cares about his clothes
  • He's going to be the exact OPPOSITE of the guy in my science class that is so full of himself he might explode
  • He's going to be able to talk like a normal person. I love a good conversation.
  • He's going to be EXACTLY like this one guy in my Book of Mormon class that cares more about the topic presented and the teacher's ideas than he cares about telling irrelevant mission stories. Humility is SO attractive, especially in RM's.
I don't care if he's bald, fat, pale, short, or a twig. I just want him to be awesome.

He will be, don't worry Cathy.

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  1. ohhh Love! I'm so excited for you to get married! He is going to be so cool! I'm glad you know what kind of guy you want! ;)