Monday, September 1, 2014


Hola mundo! Como estan. ¿Todo bien? Expetacular :)

Below are pictures of me and Simona and the Store named Figoli in Chacabuco. I forgot to send y'all these a long time ago. I LOVE SIMONA! haha :)

This is a picture of me and Hermana Leiva MY VERY FIRST COMPANION that I had here in Argentina. O sea, mi mamá! Anyways, now she is in my Zone, and it is SO great to be back with her once a week during meetings. I LOVE that missionary.

This week was so great with Hermana Mumford! We had 7 inactive members at church, and we brought another investigator and another family to church! It was SO GREAT! Sadly, a prominent member of the ward passed away this week, and so a lot of people weren't in town. They were all in another city for the funeral. But church was great anyways!

Okay, something SO GREAT that I learned this week. It applies directly to missionaries, but to everyone of us as well! 
Doctrine and Covenants 51;16-17. It says basically "I give unto you this land for a little season. You should act upon it like you are going to be here for years. This will turn unto you for your good."

Don't you just LOVE that?! Lets make an example. I was reading an article in the Liahona and it said, "Why should I accept a calling and become involved in a ward if I know that I'm only going to be here for a little while?" Because it will bless you! There are SO many un-imagined opportunities and blessings that we don't realize or recieve because we don't give all we have to where we are at the moment. We need to put in our all where we are right NOW! Don't wait to "finally" arrive to the "promised land" because the Promised Land is the JOURNEY! Ya? Okay, awesome.

I love you all! Keep being GREAT!

Hermana Gardner
Here are pictures of the front and back of our apartment. We live on the 3rd floor.
Technically we live in Castelar. 2 blocks from the Train station of Castelar.

Monday, August 25, 2014

¡I love my life!‏


This has been such a great week! Really and truly. I feel like my companion and I have been real effective instruments in the hands of the Lord. We worked our tails off together these past two weeks, and I LOVE it! I LOVE my companion. It brings tears to my eyes to think about how much I love her. I didn't really know her before, but now I feel like I've known her for years. We've already had many many great experiences together that I am SO grateful for. She is a stud of a teacher and a stud of a missionary. Hermana Mumford has so much love in her heart that she expresses to the people so well. She is such a great example to me! It is a humbling experience to be her companion because I brought myself down to the "teachable" level again--and from that I have learned so much. We are learning so much together and I am just so grateful to be here in Ituzaingo! Technically we're in Castelar if you're gonna Google-earth it. haha we live a block away from the train station of Castelar :)

  We're helping a couple get married that we're really excited about, we found a REALLY awesome family of 5 (that are married) that were a reference from a member that we're working with and super excited about, and we're coming up to the baptism of a faithful older woman in September! It is so great to be able to work with them! A couple of sad things happened this week though, like, we brought a young man investigator to church but he left after the first class.. and our other really great and faithful investigator that came to church with us on Sunday told us that he doesn't ever want to talk to us again and "no quiere saber más nada." But we're continuing on! :) Heavenly Father has a plan for them, and He has a plan for us! We're here to find out what that plan is (by acting, and then being directed by the Spirit) and carrying it out! Woo!
I don't think I've had the Spirit with me so much on my mission, and I know that is because of the example and help from Hermana Mumford. The Spirit that we and I have is constant, and strong! It is so amazing to see and feel. I love being a missionary and learning how to have the Spirit with me ALWAYS!

This week, my companion started a huge kitchen fire!! haha nah, jk it wasn't that bad. She had super hot oil on the stove and put tomato paste on it, and then a HUGE FIRE in the pan started! The fire was up to the ceiling and super wide! And so we stared at it for a few seconds in panic, and then she stopped the stove, and then we looked at it more, and then it stopped. hahah. The thing is, we don't have lids to our pots and pans here, and so we didn't know how to stop the flame. But we got a few lids that people didn't want for future use. And I think I'll cook for now. Pobrecita. lol

I think Mom and others asked if we're on bikes or walking or have cars, etc. and what it's like here

    1. This mission doesn't have cars.
    2. We're walking! Love. I need new shoes.
    3. We are close to Ramos Mejia which is kind of close to BA the city.
    4. Yesterday it was HAILING a TON and the hail was GOLF BALL size! Luckily we were in a collectivo (bus) at the time, really it was a little dangerous because it can knock someone out! lol
    5. It was SUPER hot this week and freezing today. Who knows when spring will come.
    6. Our ward is the BEST! The ward members and leaders are actually working with us and we're having a    lot of success with less actives and baptisms. LOVE this ward! And plus, they're super funny. hahahaha. LOVE.

Anywho I love you all! We're going to cut this computer time short because we have a lot to do. 

Remember who you are! (Simba)

Hermana Gardner

Monday, August 11, 2014

¡Hola mundo!‏

¿Como andan?

So, I've been in Chacabuco for 8 months. ¡Chacabuco tiene mi CORAZÓN! todo todo todo todo mi corazón. And tomorrow is transfers... so, tonight they're going to tell us if we have changes or not! We're super scared! haha I hope I never leave this place. We have seen SO much progress in the branch, it is rediculous. haha even though it's been super hard, we're really seeing the fruits of our labors. Chacabuco has seriously changed my life. I am FOREVER grateful for this place! From the leaders of the branch, our investigators, the members, to the little "autoservicio" next door named Figoli (it's their last name). haha. It's like everything I've learned in the past 14 months has all been put to action this past transfer, and really this past transfer has been the best EVER. But we'll see what the next 4 months of my life have in store for me! :D

A few of you have been asking what I've been studying. Do you have an hour? haha but with the 6 minutes that I have left, I'll share with you my FAVORITE thing I've learned.

I have learned that The Gospel of Jesus Christ is PERFECT. Without error. Without mistake or change. The truth is the truth. It always has been, it is, and it always will be. People, however are not perfect. It is our purpose to strive to become perfect like Jesus Christ through His Gospel and through His Church. I know without a single doubt that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true! It is real! I cannot EVER deny this! God's laws and commandments are ALWAYS in effect, no matter the situation. What is right, is right. And what's wrong is wrong, and always will be. No matter how the world is changing. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is what we need to live, and it is through His Church that we are able to live it fully! I know these things are true. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. :)

I love every single one of you!

Hermana Gardner

Monday, August 4, 2014

Chacabuco Fog

Hola people!

Every day this week has been SO FOGGY that it like, rains without raining.... the inside of our apartment was soaking wet all week. But that doesn't stop the work of the Lord :)

I don't think I've learned SO much in one week in my whole mission! This week was SO hard, (physically, spiritually, emotionally, and otherwise) for so many reasons, but it has been the most edifying. Heavenly Father Loves us SO much! He is so AWARE of the specific needs of His children. I hope you can all appreciate His specific love for you (Gracias Becky, for your thoughts on the Love of God).

I don't have any more time this week, but we'll see what's in store next week! Until then,

Hasta luegito! :D

Hermana Gardner

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hello World!

How is life?
I have 7 minutes.. So sorry. But the following things happened this week:

Us 4 missionaries participated in a funeral this week for the uncle of our convert family Diaz. We sang O my Father (it was awesome) and a brother from the branch said a prayer for the family. Then it was super funny because us 4 missionaries (with helmets and all) and this brother from the branch all rode on our bikes together from the funeral home to the cemetary and my comp and I were cracking up laughing at how funny we all looked. I LOVE MY MISSION. hahaha
The cemetary is HUGE and weird, but at the same time is was a spiritual experience to realize the truthfulness of the plan of salvation. But seeing so many tombstones and caskets made me stressed out at all the Proxy work we have ahead of us. START NOW! haha :)

I gave the RS lesson "Quieres ser Sano?" by Elder Dychs last conference talk. YAY for him! It was super fun.

We found a Friend magazine in the church library and we found the picture that APRYL STOTT drew in the march 2009 issue. It made me so happy! haha

I love you all! Remember who you are! 

Hermana Gardner

Monday, July 21, 2014

¡Shoutout from Chacabuco!

I'm running out of titles for my emails.. haha
¿Que cuentan?
This has been a great week. I wanted to share with you all that we're having major improvement in the Chacacabuco Branch!!! Dahhh :) We did a couple AWESOME branch activities that were major successes. Everyone left there with a huge smile on their face. We had 31 people at church (that's a ton. haha) yesterday, and it was so great to see all of them there. It was funny, yesterday the Elders weren't at the church (they were looking for one of thier investigators), and during sacrament meeting when I went up to lead the music for the opening hymn, we didn't have Elder Alvarado to play the piano!!! (I didn't even think about that). ANd so in the moment I had to go play the hymn and my comp led the music. I was like.... ummm okay! haha. The hymns chosen that day were not easy. Thanks for picking the one with 4 flats for the opening hymn!!! haha

We had exchanges this week, too! I went to Junín (45 minutes away) for 2 days and my companion stayed here in Chacabuco. It was SO GREAT! We did a Family Home evening there in Junin (FHE branch-wide) about the Plan of Salvation. And so each room in the church was a different kingdom . All decorated and stuff. I was in charge of the Terrestial Kingdom. And when everyone came into that room, I had to explain what I did in my life, and why I was there, etc. Then an "angel" asked me where my family was... And everyone was looking at me waiting for me to answer... And then I said, I don't know.. not here.. I can't ever see them again.. and then everyone started crying! And so did I a little bit! ANd then they all left and went to the celesial kingdom and learned about what we need to do on earth to be able to live there with God and our families. IT WAS GREAT!

This is a picture of Malvina and me! (She is an ANGEL!) And this is a picture of Choriso. haha :)
 Julio Ceasar did this for my companion and I after the baptism of his children. SO GOOD. haha

Baptism of Malvina

Monday, July 14, 2014

Hola! Sorry, this computer doesn't recieve photos, or else I would send you pictures of the baptism of Malvina that we had on Saturday! She is so great! Her baptism was at 11 in the morning and it was POURING BUCKETS AND BUCKETS of rain ALL DAY. But it was a really great baptism. She is such a great girl. Her hair is twice as long as mine and isn't going to cut it until her 15th birthday. haha she wants to have pretty pictures for her quince. :)

This week we had a meeting with our zone and the new mission president! He is great! He's from RALEIGH NORTH CAROLINA! Yay for dad's mission! :D His accent is HEAVY. haha I LOVE IT! He and his family are great. The kids are still young and speak Spanish. They've been living in Peru I think. Anyways, he's a great man and we're excited to continue on with the work of salvation here in BA! 

LOVE YOU ALL! Sorry this was short, but its time to go to work!
Hermana Gardner