Friday, July 13, 2012

50 things I learned this semester:

  1. Spread out your homework, semester-long projects, and studying for tests evenly throughout the week and the whole semester. It makes life so much easier. You won't end up feeling overwhelmed or stressed out (thank goodness). Plus you feel like a better person for not procrastinating. 
  2. Take time to listen, especially to your roommates. Listen to their stories, life problems, boy problems, and pet peeves, no matter how long they talk. Everyone needs a good listener. You can learn a lot from just listening.
  3. Laugh. Hard.
  4. It's not all about you. If you put others first (we're being reasonable here, of course), then you will less likely be drowned in your own petty problems.
  5. Don't stress out, especially over silly things (such as boys). It's not the end of the world. And yes, I did just call boys "silly things."
  6. Jump off of bridges that cross a body of water. It's fun.
  7. Listen to your bishop and his counselors. That stuff is legit.
  8. Read the textbook. Don't just skim, you'll regret it later.
  9. Do the homework (duh).
  10. Study for three hours longer for tests than you want to. Good things will happen!
  11. Smile a lot. 
  12. Talk to random people. It's fun.
  13. Read your scriptures every day.
  14. Pray morning and night, and try really hard to pray silently before your meals.
  15. Bear your testimony on Fast Sunday, even if your hands are shaking and you know you're going to cry your eyes out. 
  16. Actually fast on Fast Sunday.
  17. Try to see how the things you learn in class (Sunday school and weekday classes) apply to real life. It's awesome when you notice things like that!
  18. Listen to classical music. It's so awesome once you take time to listen to it. 
  19. Don't go completely out of your way to get a guy to notice you. If he's supposed to notice you, he'll notice you.
  20. Play the ukulele.
  21. Good girls aren't boring.
  22. Buy everything off-brand (except Mac n Cheese).
  23. TV is boring. Don't watch it.
  24. Go on walks. A lot of them, whether it be by yourself or with a friend.
  25. Stay positive, no one likes a Negative Nancy.
  26. Learn how to french braid your roommates' hair. It's a good bonding experience.
  27. Be on time, everywhere you go.
  28. Only date/take interest in boys that are like your dad. All the other guys will disappoint. 
  29. Compliment people, but only if you're sincere.
  30. Love everyone.
  31. If you want to think negatively about someone, name 5 things that are awesome about them.
  32. Notice the pretty flowers on campus.
  33. Watch the Idaho sunsets. They're one in a million. 
  34. Don't push the snooze button more than twice. It won't turn on again. Learned that one the hard way.
  35. Take initiative, most of the time no one else will.
  36. There will always be yucky girls. They're not cool. Stay away from them and you'll be much happier. 
  37. Live your life for you, not for everyone else.
  38. The painful truth is always easier than a messy lie. It's the truth.
  39. Trust in yourself. You can do things you never knew you could. Really though.
  40. Email your teachers if have any questions at all. They really don't mind. They want to help you, and they love it.
  41. If a church calling freaks you out, pray about it. If it doesn't, pray about it. 
  42. People rock. Really, they do. Take time to notice that.
  43. Sit outside by yourself on the balcony in the early evening, and just think. You'll get a lot accomplished through this.
  44. Go to your friend's concerts and sporting events. Everyone needs a fan.
  45. Speaking of fans, buy one. A huge one. It's hot, and you won't have air conditioning in the summer for the next four years of your life. Get used to it.
  46. Don't complain so much. It's a downer on the people around you.
  47. Life's too short to not appreciate where you are. Don't take for granted the opportunities you've been given.
  48. Find joy in the journey. Seriously.
  49. Clean the kitchen.
  50. And most of all, Love God with all your heart.


  1. I LOVE this:) and you. of course!

  2. i feel like i just read a pin. i like it =]

  3. Jess, thanks! Love you too girl! :)
    Karrrri, haha that's funny! Thanks! =]