Sunday, August 5, 2012


Okay! So, my second semester at BYU-I is over, and now I'm home. I'm sad. But happy. But sad. But really happy.

Between leaving Rexburg and coming to Reno, I stayed in Salt Lake with Becky and Chris for two weeks. One of those weeks I spent on their couch, watching the Olympics and trying not to DIE. And when I say DIE, I mean literally keel over and die. If you would like to know my symptoms, shoot me an email. haha. Becky took me to urgent care to see why I was feeling like I was going to see and greet the "light." The doctor said I had Adenovirus. Or in other words, a really unfortunate horrible sickness that has every symptom in the book besides diarrhea. It's highly contagious (and airborne). Fun, I know. But, the next Tuesday that everyone got in town for our vacation/reunion, I felt a lot better! The whole week was a blast. Seriously, I loved it. So much. I will talk more on this later, but right now, I'm as tired as a. . . sloth?

Now, I will sleep in my bed that I haven't slept in for 4 months!

Thank you, and goodnight.

P.S. I just killed a spider. Really though. It was a Henry, or for those of you less informed, a wolf spider.

Peace and blessings


  1. ahhhhhhhhhh hahahahahaha PEACE and BLESSINGS! I wish I could add the attitude to typing!

  2. I didn't watch that thing but I sure did hear it! Peace and Blessings!