Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Letter #1 from Hermana Gardner

Mom, Dad and Family

Oh my gosh. I LOVE it here! I’m writing you a letter because we won’t get to the computers until next Wednesday. You guys, any fear or doubt I had about the MTC is completely gone! I have the BEST companion. She’s my twin. My hair (almost red) my height, my personality, kind of. She’s a lot better than me at like being organized and whatnot, but whatever! I lucked out. Her name is Hermana Millet. So cute. My two other roommates are Hermanas Redford and Alley. Hermana Redford is the girl I met on Facebook and went to BYU-I I was telling you about! I can’t believe she is in my district, not to mention my room! Oh! And Elder HURREN is in my zone! I just happened to pass by a classroom and there he was. There’s also Elder Brown in my district who went to  BYU-I too, and we always saw each other playing basketball…haha so my class has 10 (8 of us are going to Buenos Aires W.) people, and they’re in my district. We met our Zone leaders and sisters (2 “teaching sisters”) and they’re so cute (The girls). Our teachers (2) are AWESOME. Only spoke Spanish today. One elder in our district and I are the best at Spanish. My companion doesn’t know any so I’ve been helping her. We complete each other.

            A lot of people are struggling. ie missing home, confused, scared, shy, nervous. That is definitely NOT me. I am so happy to be here. We’ve had such great experiences already. We have to teach in Spanish in two days. (Friday), so here goes nothin’! Guys, this is where I’m supposed to be! I love all of you! Don’t worry about me. Heavenly Father and I got this. Haha :)

Gotta go, light out in 3 minutes!

Love ya,
Hermana Gardner

P.S. Hope Lindsey had fun at camp!
Love her!

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