Monday, October 28, 2013


Okay! Familia y amigos! solo tengo 15 minutos, y the "T" button likes to stick down and go like tttttttttttttttttttttthis. hahaha I have so much to say. :)

I LOVE it here! Its my DREAM people! This is a picture of one of the nicest streets out here.

 It wouldn't be smart to take out a camera when we are on the other streets where we do most of our work. :) We live in an apartment with another companionship and they are super cool! My companion speaks only spanish and she is from Santiago Chile!! LOVE. I have learned a ton of Castellano already, YAY. 
My first two days I stayed with a companionship in their area, and today was transfers. I was sad to leave the first area! haha :) That area was cool. 
And here is the truth: super ghetto. Not gunshot ghetto, but ghetto. We only heard gunshots once :) There's trash all over the streets and there are no stop signs or traffic laws. You just drive. And honk. And drive. People just slide in and out of traffic, and no one crashes. It's awesome!  You just walk in the middle of the street when you want. If a car sees you walking in the street from far away, they honk because they aint slowing down. And everyone smokes, so matter thier age. Its stinky most of the time and a guy in a truck comes by and picks up trash bags from the sides of the roads every day. There's always dirty water running in the gutters. Did I mention there are stray dogs everywhere? They dont touch you though. They have ticks :) You can tell a tick dog from another. 
People live in old garages and things. They just slap on new brick and concrete and call it thier home. Metal bars cover every door. You clap to dock doors that don't have bells. People always say "buen dia" to you, which is nice! But I seriously love it! And don't worry about me! I am safe! We have angels making sure of that :) I am STOKED to be here!
This other picture is from Seatle with my sister training leader and her comp. LOVE them. The STL on the right cut my hair and that's what it looks like :)
 This is a pic of me and a wall in Seattle :)
 and this is me and my comp sister laney with brianna in seattle :)

anywho! I LOVE you all! Thanks for the prayers! 

Hermana Gardner

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