Tuesday, October 1, 2013


So, I'm in a public library and the man next to me is talking to himself... uhhhh... Okay now he's laughing. hahahaha. This is fun.

Anywho, hola! I have very little time! So, bullet points it is. :)

First I'll explain the pictures.
  • This is a blurry picture of the Puget Sound. SO GORGEOUS, right?! That's also when we were in Edmonds.
  • Another one of them is of me, Jorge, and my companion Hermana Laney! That picture looks horrible of all of us, sorry. But Jorge is a recent convert who helps us teach English on Wednesdays! He is really awesome, and we really love him. A lot of Hispanics don't smile in pictures, but it doesn't mean their not happy. haha
  • This is me and Hermana Alley (in my district in the MTC, and my companion on the field.) But guess what! She got transferred to Seattle :( But I get to stay in my awesome branch with Hermana Laney!
  • And this one is of Bellevue. LOVE.
  • I spoke on Sunday about prayer and the Holy Ghost. It was fun. The man speaking after me was from the high council and his name was Brother Gardner! haha! He left before I got to talk to him :/
  • It has been pouring rain lately! SO MUCH WATER. I'm surprised it doesn't flood. I love my rain jacket. It gets cold too.
  • We left the house for 20 minutes the other day to get something from the church, and we came back to find a NEW fridge with all our food in it! So hilarious. hahaha
  • When we went to exchange hermana Alley's companions (we met at the airport an hour away) we WOKE UP at the time we were supposed to be there. Darn alarms. haha, but it was fine. Just hilarious.
  • We had Panara duing our coorrelation meeting! SO GOOD
  • We got to teach the Soto-Parra family at a member's house last night! It was so great teaching them about the Restoration. The spirit was there. We're teaching them again this week. I hope all goes well with them.
  • We tracted into a Muslim missionary-type man, and talked to him for 40 minutes. It was a fun time.
  • Right after that we talked to a Jehovah's witness for 20 minutes. Fun time too.
  • We met a woman from Buenos Aires!! WOO!
  • Our Ceiling leaks :)
So sorry, I have to go teach a man who is on date for Oct 26! But I love you all!!!
Choose the right!

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