Monday, March 24, 2014


¡Hola, buen dia! Como andan!?

 It's been a great week! Full of miracles, and GREAT MOMENTS.

This week we had divisions. It was AWESOME. I went to Junín (which is a city about 50 minutes away) with the Sister Training Leader Hermana Hicken and I worked with her there in her area for 2 and a half days, and her companion worked with Hermana Espinoza here in Chacabuco. I learned SO much with this angel of a missionary. Especially about faith, in myself, and in the Savior. We saw and participated in SO many miracles in those two days, it was AMAZING! One of which was when the District Leader and his companion were giving a blessing to an investigator of Hermana Hicken, Luis (who is being baptized this saturday, 19 years old) so that he could overcome the strong temptations to smoke (so that he can be baptized this weekend, and GO ON A MISSION! Stud.). When Elder Moore was giving him this blessing, there was a specific MOMENT when Everyone in the room KNEW that it was Heavenly Father Himself speaking to Luis, blessing him, and giving him advice. Everyone in the room was crying, and the spirit was tangible. Elder Moore (American, still working a lot on his spanish) knew it was the words of Heavenly Father because he did not stumble or make a single mistake in Spanish, and he spoke quickly and fluently... after the blessing, we stood there in the room talking about what Luis felt and what Elder Moore felt. It was AWESOME!

Anywho, we have the baptism of JUAN CARLOS (who is my best friend FOREVER) and Horacio this Saturday!!!!!!! We have been working SO hard on them, and finally, they are going to enter the waters of baptism!!!

 Pictures next week!

Love you all!

Mosiah 2:34, Mosiah 4:21 what are the common phrases?! LOVE THOSE SCRIPTURES!

Hermana Gee

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