Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Uncalculated results

Contrary to popular belief, this one took me forever and a half to write. Randomness isn't always nonsense. Remember that, kiddies.


We all know
the square root of 365
is eleven months.
My ipod screams the time
when I listen to its arms.
I don’t have an ipod.
My flip flops come untied
at least twice a day.
So, I spray them with water.
The neighbor kids,
they make a catchy beat in the garage.
The next Jackson 3.
I’m number 2.
Because you’re number 1!
There ya go,
a little confidence boost for ya.
I study math all night.
Common denominators and fractals.
Why am I studying you ask?
Well, for my health.
The clock stops when it gets to the 10.
The school time aligns.
How can one clock tick faster than the other?
I don’t know.
It should be illegal.
But a lot of things aren’t illegal
that should be.
Like carrying an ice cream cone
in your left back pocket.
That is just plain hazardous.
I take my calculator with me everywhere.
To the mall, to school, to work.
And I bet you’re wondering why.
Well, because I use it to tell time.
I can’t trust a watch.
Don’t trust anyone!
Never trust a math geek.
Don’t trust me.
I like to spell things backwards.
Like the word modnar for example.

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  1. Love it, love it! But I prefer carrying the cone in my right...