Thursday, June 2, 2011

"Rock out like the streets are empty except for you, your bicycle, and your headphones"

"Rock out like music is all you got. Rock out like the record player won't skip. Rock out like it's raining outside and you got a girl to run through it with. . . . ." --Yep, that was part of yet another amazing poem by Anis Mojgani.
I love this guy's enthusiasm! Man, I thought I got excited about things. This guy, is another story. So, I've created a little prose-type thing off of "Rock Out" by Mr. Mojgani. It's kind of lame. Don't laugh at me.

Party On

     You've been given permission to party like there's no tomorrow. Not the "prom after party" kind of party, but the kind of party where you can scream, dance, and run around like crazy for no reason at all type of party. The kind of party that is purely excitement-induced. So, party like it's the end of the school year and you won't have to see 14 year olds making out around every corner ever again. Party like you will never get in trouble for wearing red shoelaces ever again. Party as if you won't be called a "dumb teenager" ever again. Party like you don't know where your future is headed, but you know it'll be amazing. Party like a rockstar. Party like it's actually warm outside for more than two days in a row. Party like you have nothing else to do but to go boating on the lake every frickin' day. Party like all you have is a full tank of gas and a road map from 1984. Party like you just won the lottery and gave all your winnings to Crazy George. Party like you just got kissed by the man of your dreams. Party like you get paid to write. Party like the Sierra Mountains are on fire and the only way to put out the flames is to dance. Party like it's your birthday tomorrow, today, and yesterday. Party like you know everything is going to be okay in the end. Party like you are the international ping-pong champion of the entire universe. Party like your life depended on it. Party like it's the first day of summer. Party like you know you know how.

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