Sunday, December 25, 2011

Inhale, Exhale. . . With a Smile :)

For the record, breathing deeply soothes the soul. You should try it sometime. I've had to use this calming method many times lately. And you know what? That's okay.

Anywho, guess what I've noticed and realized. I can't always be perfect. Actually, it's impossible to be perfect at all, at anything. As much as I try to be patient and loving and accepting of others and their choices and words and actions, I just can't be one hundered percent perfect. It took me a while to accept that.

On the other hand, I've come to realize what my priorities are. This has been a huge blessing for me. I cannot even tell you how much it is benefitting my life. As I've come to see what others' priorities are, I've learned that mine and their's just aren't the same. Crazy, right? Just kidding.

I often find myself getting angry that everyone else's morals and ideas aren't exactly like my own. I have this idea of how people should act and what they should say, and why and how. I often find myself wanting everyone to act this certain way, and treat each other in this certain manner, (and clean up after themselves in this specific fashion), but that's just not how it is or ever will be. I am still trying to learn to accept that.

So, I am just trying to be the absolute best that I can be. That's it. My personal best. The best example I can be, the best friend I can be, the best sister I can be, and the best person I can be. That way, in the end, I can be proud of who I have become.
It's hard to be your best self. But it's possible. As Abraham Lincoln said, "The best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time."

True dat, Abraham.

So, in with the good air, out with the bad. :)

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