Monday, December 19, 2011

First Semester? Check.

I got 'er done! It's a good feeling.
Grades? Not too shabby. Friends and Roommates? Amazing. Lessons learned? Priceless.

I learned sooooooooooooooooo much this semester, it's literally crazy! Thank you BYU-Idaho for making me who I am today! Want to know what's interesting? For every action, there's a reaction. Weird, right?  I bet you've never heard that one before! Just kidding.
But the amazing part is, when you are doing good "actions," the "reaction" part of the equation turns out to be much more beneficial than what effort you put forth in your actions. Basically, you're blessed one hundred fold for doing something very simple. Let me show you what I mean . . .

Heavenly Father loves to bless us. I feel like it's His hobby or something. He asks very little of us, in the grand scheme of things. Yet, He blesses us so much. While at school, I literally saw daily the tender mercies the Lord blesses all of us with. Not only did I notice the blessings I received, but the blessings those around me received, whether they noticed them or not. I started noticing that when people don't realize what they're blessed with, they are less happy. This was so blatantly obvious to me, that it was actually difficult to watch those around me not realize what I was seeing. Those who were not necessarily blessed more than others, but noticed and were grateful for their blessings, were a great deal happier than those who were ungrateful. I felt like I had the epiphany of the century, even though I had been taught this my whole life. I heard someone say the phrase, "What if you were only blessed today with the things you gave thanks for in your prayer last night?" I love that phrase. I don't know where it came from, I just know that it didn't come from me. Anyways, this is one thing I learned at BYU-I that I thought I'd share. There is plenty more where that came from.

 First item learned? Check.

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