Friday, July 5, 2013

MTC, 2 weeks out

Dear flammy and friends! Heyyy :)

I will try my very hardest to respond to each of you individually! Cause that's more fun. haha. I only have 20 minutes left now on the computer, so we'll see how this goes. 

Dad asked if I liked recieving emails or letters better. I LOVE both. My companion gets 4-5 letters EVERY DAY. haha. Yesterday she got 7. SEVEN I tell you! haha she's so great though. It was SO nice getting a letter from Hannah Davis. LOVE that woman. And from the amazing Debby Wanlass. Love. So feel free to send me letters (or type them up, print em, and send em to me) cause I can only get emails on Wednesday. And I have a  limited time to respond to emails.  Now I'm blabbing.

Dad, feel free to tell Bro. Pickett to feel free to read parts of my letters to his class. Loved that class!
Lets just start out by saying I love my life. I love the MTC. I think I say that too much, but its true.
This week has been a roller coaster! We are teaching two new investigators-- Cris and Jose. (They're our two teachers). Our (Hma Millet and I) plan was to them about how we can have a personal realtionship with God himself, that he's our Heavenly Father, and how knowing Him and the Gospel of Jesus Christ can bless our families. Me and Hma. Millet walked into the room to teach Cris, and life was dandy, right? We were trying to get to know him and whatnot, but he was just yawning and not interested in what we had to say at ALL. We were struggling to speak spanish and we weren't on the same page. He was being rude and I was getting angry! I know, horrible right? You should never ever get frustrated, especially in a teaching situation. The spirit wasn't there. So me and hma millet started to (try to) sing Nearer my God to Thee for him like we planned, but we literally couldnt' remember the tune or the notes. The hymn book was right there in front of us! SO crazy. And annoying. We had no idea what was happening. We let go of the song and prayed with him, and made an appointment for Saturday. We left feeling horrible. We were frustrated and flustered.

So we went into another empty classroom and knelt on the ground and prayed. For peace, for guidance, for forgiveness for being frustrated when we shouldn't have been. Hma Millet and I drew closer to each other and the spirit more then, than ever before. We felt better after that.

That was just one of our experiences that was less than perfect. haha. Plenty more where that came from.

This is tough. It's hard being the senior companion and having your companion not consider your advice. Boy is that hard. I'm 19 and she's 22. It's hard to teach in a language you're not fluent in. It's hard to rely completely on the Spirit when you're teaching. It's hard to wake up at 5:40 every single day. It's hard to study your tail off EVERY SINGLE MINUTE you can, but not see results.
But I LOVE it. I can literally feel myself being humbled by Heavenly Father. He's with me all the way. I know He is. I can honestly say that right now, I am being torn down completely so that Heavenly Father can build me back up again, the way He wants to. And I am SO grateful for that.

I have so much to say, but I don't even know what's most important to say. haha :)
The food is awesome. A little too awesome. haha. The chocolate milk is SO good! haha. Jeremy, my favorite juice is the Orage guava passion fruit juice! haha It wakes me up.

Yes, I was at the broadcast! They wouldnt let the new missionaries sing in the choir sadly. But I was sitting right above the sisters that were in the choir! SUCH AN AMAZING BROADCAST! Elder Holland was RIGHT THERE! haha LOVE this new effort in missionary work.

Oh! a quick run-down on my daily schedule.
Wake up- 5:40 exercise-- run around the MTC, basketball, volleyball, yoga, weights- depends on the day.
Personal Study from 7:25-8:40
Breakfast at 8:30
Class at 9:00
There we study the language, how to teach, etc.
TALL- Computer language learning thing
Lunch at 1:40
Class again
Companionship study

Oh my, I have to go. Love you all!!!!
PS the 2nd counselor in the Sunday school general presidency spoke---stud.

Hermana Gardner

Here are some pictures!! I haven't gotten any really good ones yet, sorry. But yeah. I LOVE THESE PEOPLE!

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