Thursday, July 11, 2013

MTC, 3 weeks out

Hola! Como estan?!

This week has been FANTASTICLY FANTASTIC. And humbling. haha

The fourth of July was super fun! One of the pictures attatched is a picture of the Hermanas in my District (roommates) in our 4th of July outfits. If you can't tell, we're all wearing red white and blue. HAHA. You should've seen the outfits around here. SO funny. We got to watch 17 Miracles (the WHOLE MTC) and then go out in the parking lot and watch the fireworks that were at the Stadium  of Fire at the BYU football stadium. I'm still in shock they let us stay out there until the show was over around 10:40. Quiet time is usually 10:15. haha fun stuff. And they gave us ice cream. The little things in life.

Dad! guess who I ran into while walking to the Mariott Center?! (one of the pics attatched is a very small portion of all the missionaries that walk to the Marriott Center for devotional. SO MANY MISSIONARIES! haha anywho, I ran into none other than Dave Foote! (I think it was dave). haha I knew it was him once I saw his eyes. haha I said, "Are you a Foote?!" haha He was like, of course I am! haha. He looked at my nametag and said "Rick Gardner's daughter..." haha it was so awesome. He's a missionary! ANd his daughter is here at the MTC too! She's serving in the Philipines! Can someone find out his daughter's first name? Is it Rachel? Anywho, running into him made my whole week. Reminded me that there are real people in the world. And by real, I mean Reno-ians. Even though he doesn't live there anymore. haha

As y'all already know, we're teaching two investigators- Cris and Jose. This week we taught them about how prophets in our day are true prophets of God and how the prophet and the apotles can help them in their lives. We also taught them about prayer and how you can litterally have a conversation with God (who is literally our Heavenly Father). Heavenly Father listens to and answers our prayers. Our lessons have been great this week. The investigators are progressing, but we're trying to make sure that they themselves have a firm foundation of testimony, so that when we leave, they can continue on and deepen their conversion to the Savior. 

This last Sunday was fast Sunday. I LOVED fast Sunday. 1st of all, let me tell you. Fasting with a sincere purpose works. Fasting is real. 

We had an amazing testimony meeting. The spirit was so strong. We also had a mission conference, and that was probably one of the best meetings I've experienced so far. Some of the awesome things I learned:
  • Prayer is amazing. You can't fool Heavenly Father. He knows your desires and everything you do. If you're honest with Him (and honest with yourself), you'll realize what you need to work on, and He'll bless you to be able to overcome your weaknesses. Let the Savior and the Holy Ghost change your nature. They can literally do that if you let them. Let them change your desires. That's what I think is really awesome. They can change your desires if you put your faith in them. Awesomeness. Read the Bible Dictionary on "Prayer." Y'all probably already have, but read it again. It's the best thing since sliced bread. Once you realize your true relationship with God, that He is your father, and we are his children, then prayer will become instinctive. We will know He is there when we pray.
  • "God didn't ask you to do it and then deprive you of the means to accomplish it."-Elder Nally, MTC Mission President
  • "Being sensitive and compassionent isn't girly. The Savior was the manly-est man in the world." - Hermano Hardy (one of my two teachers)
  • The people we meet and teach and baptize were our best friends in the pre-earth life! 
  • Do you want increased faith? Your faith will increase through diligent study, prayer, dedicated service/serving others, and obedience to the promptings of the Holy Ghost. 
  • You cannot teach what you don't live
  • With personal revelation, God will never use a flood light if a flashlight is sufficient. 
  • "My Shepherd Will Supply My Need." Great song. 
For Sunday night's devotional, guess who spoke! haha Her name is Susan Easton Black (Durrant). She is one of the narrator ladies on BYUtv for shows like the Joseph Smith papers (I think) and she might be on the Book of mormon discussions. Kind of weird voice... anywho, she's HILARIOUS!!!!! Who would've thought... she seemed so serious on TV. She's a crack up. Her main message of her talk was that she wants to be worthy to shake the Prophet's hand and embrace the Savior. She met the prophet when she was 17 going to BYU--she literally knocked on his door, so funny-- and she felt like he was looking into her soul and seeing all the bad things she's EVER done. hahaha such as not bringing the green jello to the church party that she signed up to bring. hahhaha "are you looking at my SOUL?"- Brian Regan.

So we have devotionals and firesides like, all the time and they ALWAYS always always say a thank you to our Executive Secerataries. hahaha it reminds me of dad every single time we have a meeting. What they do is important! haha
Mom! How's Young Women's? Anything exciting? Excited for girls camp!?

Anywho, I love you all!

Con amor,
Hermana Gardner

P.S. Today our class was cracking up at something hilarious, and so was Hermano Hardy, and then all of the sudden he waved at the door and said in the WEIRDEST accent, "Adios Espiritu!" haha (goodbye Spirit!) We're working on staying calm during classtimes. It was just HILARIOUS. you had to be there. haha

P.S.S. Our investigator Cris had a cold during our lesson, and he was holding up a kleenex to his one nostril the WHOLE time. hahahhaa. It was hilarious. We laugh so much. I love this place. And the spirit is so strong.

Hurrah for Israel!

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