Thursday, July 25, 2013

MTC, 5 weeks out

Hola familia y amigos!
Another amazing week at the MTC! It's my LAST week here! I can't believe how fast time has flown by. Literally, every night when we're walking back to our rooms, we freak out a little bit at how fast the day went by. Every day is jam-packed of goodness. Always busy. But its AWESOME. And every P-day we stop and say, wasn't it P-day YESTERDAY?! haha time is crazy here.
Every week a district from our zone leaves to go out to el campo (the field) and we as a zone gather up Sunday night in the quad and sing "Para Siempre Dios este con Vos" (God be with you til we meet again) and it's always so sad. But at the same time, so powerful! You can literally feel the power of this work. You can feel the strength that each of the missionaries in our zone going out into the field have because of their faith in the Savior. This is His work. I know that's true. This week District D left for the field. They're going to Texas! This was probably one of the saddest goodbyes though because we were so close with them. That district was so amazing. There weren't any sisters in that district, just 8 hilarious, gentlemanly, hard-working elders. That's going to be us on Sunday. We're going to be leaving the MTC and heading out to do some good. 
PERO, (but) we're getting our re-assignment either tomorrow or Friday!! SO EXCITED! We have permission to email y'all when we find out. So be on the look-out for that! Also, we can call home at the airport! I'll let you know when and stuff later. Woot!
So, a few things about this week. Yesterday for TRC (training resource center) we got to SKYPE of all things instead of teaching a person in a cuartito! (a little tiny room, haha) It was SO great! I was surprised at how well it worked out, usually through Skype you can't even understand english, not to mention spanish! haha The brother we skyped with was born in Buenos Aires, and his dad was the Buenos Aires South Mission President a while back. It's so ironic that we got to talk to the only one from Argentina! He now lives in Texas with his family. He's a middle-aged white gentleman who sounded like a native. It was so fun to talk to him about having faith in the Savior for 30 minutes. That was a great time. You can feel the Spirit, even over Skype!
Also, EVERYONE in my whole district has been sick. Besides ME! haha I'm really excited about that. They all (at one point or another, especially two weeks ago into this week) have been coughing their lungs out with sore throats and sore bodies. Hermano Lunt even caught it. haha I hope to goodness I don't get sick. I'm really proud of myself though, because usually I'm the first to get sick. haha. I pray for them every night, and they're getting much better. 
Oh, and Dad, Troy Hurren left for the field on Monday for Alberquerqe, New Mexico Spanish Speaking! (I don't know how to spell that city name.. haha) Also, it was Hermano Hales (Jenny Foote's husband) who took that picture of my companion and me on the bench. It's super fun to run into him on campus. I don't even know him that well, but it's nice to see Reno/Minden-ians. haha
I wonder where I'll be re-assigned! I'm sure I'll be there for a while before I can get my visa. I'm going to make a few guesses right now. Las Vegas NV, Raleigh NC, Kennewick WA, San Antonio Texas, aaaaaand Mesa Arizona. hehe! I'm STOKED to go ANYwhere.
That's awesome that Pres. Challis is Pres. Cosgrave's cousin! I wish I could talk to him about it, but he's already gone. Cool stuff. I miss president Cosgrave. I really really really appreciated his love for us, and for everything he taught me about the Savior. Man, he's the best. Maybe President Challis can send him my appreciation and love!
Our new Branch President, Pres. Laney, is none other than a stud. I bet he can parallel park a train..., when in conversation about something, he always says "what's the doctrine behind that? Look up Doctrine and Covenants 17:6 and let's find out." or something along those lines. He's a scriptorian and a master missionary.
This week Hma. Millet and I got to exercise our privilege of being the Sister Training Leaders. An Hermana in our District was having one of the roughest days in her MTC experience, and she broke down crying in the middle of her class. We were called out of our class to take care of her. I took this Hermana's companion aside and talked to her for a while about what her companion was going through while Hma. Millet talked to the stuggling Hermana. We helped them figure out a way to make their MTC experience better, remember their purpuse, and most importantly understand that the Savior is right there beside them the whole way. 
After the fact, Hma. Millet and I realized that we both didn't think twice about what to say to these girls, but that our calling allowed us to use the Spirit to know what to say, and that what we're called to do, we're able to do because God always provides a way. It was a small, but really cool tender mercy.
One of the speakers for a fireside we had on Sunday night was Jolene Allphine from Hurricane, Utah! (Just thought I'd point that out. Yay for Hurricane!) She was the history director for 17 Miracles and Ephriam's rescue! She told multiple stories about the Pioneers heading west, and they were SO powerful. Dad, can you tell me about Robert Gardner? I was thinking about him the WHOLE time she was speaking. Also, I'm looking forward to your journal entry. Mom, how did the pioneer day social thing go? Was it fun? Good food? Stick pull? haha I want to hear about it. Also it was great to get that picture of Lindsey at Girls camp! The background brings back so many memories!! HOW BOUT THEM STICKER GETTERS!
Spiritual side note. Read the the LDS Bible Dictionary entry on Faith. We are able to have so much faith in the Savior because of His perfect nature. 
Also, President Bednar spoke a while back at the MTC and we were able to watch it on sunday. Its called ¨The Character of Christ.¨ In short, the Character of Christ is turning outward. Whenever we are tempted to turn in, feel bad for ourselves, expect praise, etc. that´s the natural man. Christ turned outward in everything He did. When He was on the cross, he prayed for the comforter to be with others. Look for instances in the scriptures where the Savior turned outward when any of us would turn inward.
I love you ALL and pray for you every day. My companion and hermanas love you too!
Para siempre Dios este con vos, hasta luego!
Hermana Gardner

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