Sunday, July 21, 2013

MTC, 4 weeks out

Hola de el CCM! Como estan?!
I have seriously like 11 minutes. Let's do this.
Let's start out by saying here at the MTC, I eat a lot of canteloup. Spell check? haha So. Much. Canteloup. And Honeydew. It's the only fruit they offer on some days. haha I just wanted to point that out for some reason. Also, they took a picture of us at the Tuesday Devotional and I'm pretty sure it'll go on I'm sitting toward the top by an aisle.. two random empty seats in front of me. On the left side of the men's choir.... it really doesn't matter cause you can't tell who anyone is in that picture. hahah. That day was when we had the least amount of peopel in the MTC in the past couple weeks, I don't know why they took that picture that day. OH! Today, July 17 will be the day with the MOST missionaries in the MTC yet. LOVE it. This week has FLOWN by. We do the same things every day, but every day is different. I love it. 
Here are a few of the cool things I learned over this week:
  • I didn't come out here for who I am, I came here for who I will become. 
  • When you meet with Heavenly Father, you'll meet someone with whom you are very well aquainted. - Brother Hinckly, ameritus general authority, Pres. Hinckley's son, spoke at the tuesday devotional. 
  • Awkward = Inspiration, hahaha. If you feel awkward walking up to someone and introducing yourself, do it! haha
  • Pres. Bednar gave a talk at the MTC about the spirit. People always ask "how do you tell the difference between your own thoughts and the spirit?" Bednar's reply was "Stop worrying about it." It was Perfect. If it's a good idea, it's from God. That's all you need to know. Just act upon it.
  • Hey everyone! Find the video by Elder Holland called "The Gift of Teaching" where he acts as an example as a sunday school teacher. LOVE IT.
  • Holland said about teaching investigators, with tears in his eyes, "Maybe if you can't teach them yet, you can love them. If you love them tomorrow, maybe you can teach them."
  • My new Brach President is President Laney (old mission prez of SLC South or something) said with the most power I've ever seen: "This isn't a fairy tale, this is the real thing. Ready, aim, fire." That man....he's SUCH A STUD. I'll tell you more about him later. 
  • Leave it (your mission area) better off than you found.
I've learned SO much this week, it's crazy!! 
OH! Guess what. Me and Hma. Millet are the new sister Training Leaders! What what! Sister Zone leaders kind of. Super awesome. We're in charge of about 12 sisters. Love it!
Love you all!
These pictures are of my zone, the Hermanas in my zone, and the Old branch presidency. In the Center is President Cosgrave and his wife. SUCH STUDS. They've been called to a mission. I will miss them so much! 


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