Monday, September 23, 2013

Comida y Familia‏

Hola todos! Y bienvenidos a un otro semana en mi vida.

Something I've learned this week, is that we will never go hungry as long as we're in this branch. Oh my goodness, I've never eaten so much food this week, it's crazy. Thanksgiving can't compete. We were teaching a member in our branch that just went through the temple for the first time at her apartment, and we looked out the window, and there were 20 people from the branch yelling out to us to come down and eat! haha it was just a gathering of people eating a TON of legit home made mexican food. I could'n help but think of Kari and Dad when we were eating with all the hot sauce, etc. SO MANY BEANS. hahahaha

Yesterday was awesome. We taught the Soto-Parra family, and we brought Brother Martinez de Dios with us. It's always great to bring members to lessons because it shows that this Gospel is true and real, and not just for missionaries. Brother Martinez de Dios brought his member friend with him too, so it made for 5 of us going into a  lesson with a family of 6. 11 people were in that apartment! Carlos and Rosalba are struggling in their marriage and want to split up after the kids grow up (they told us that very openly) and we talked about how the Gospel truly blesses families and how daily family prayer can make relationships stronger. It was a very powerful lesson, especially when the members testified. THEN we had everyone gather around in the living room to say a kneeling prayer. Carlos, the father, offered it and it was really powerful. It was such an amzing experience. I looked around and thought, is this real life? Woah, I'm a missionary! haha :) I want so badly for that family to take the Gospel into their lives and come closer to Christ! I know it will bless them SO much.

Earlier this week we (my companions and I) were teaching a recently baptized couple, and then there was a knock at the door. It was their home teachers!! Brother Martinez de Dios and Brother Torres. They came in and joined in the conversation. THen there was another knock. It was the other elders in our branch! SO FUNNY. We were all cracking up. Our branch covers the whole stake/zone, and of ALL places all of us could be, we were all at their house. SO FUNNY. Enrique will be getting the Melchizedek Priesthood soon :) I love seeing the branch being strengthened every week. It is so amazing.

We were at an apartment complex to meet with an investigator, but all of us thought that it would be better to go the opposite way for some reason (which happened to be toward a mexican food truck... haha) and there we found a mother and her two children that we could teach, and right when we were finished with her, a young man came up to us and wants his girlfriend to take the lessons. Everything happened in such a timely manner, that it couldn't be coincidence. Gotta love those "susurros del Espiritu Santo."

This week I've learned a lot about acting and being acted upon. I love this concept. You can choose to be offended, or have a bad attitude about your circumstances.
But the opposite is true as well. You can choose to change your attitude about your circumstances, therefore changing your circumstances!
I've never seen such a resilient group of people. All they do is give. They give of themselves and their time and their effort, when they have so little. It is absolutely inspiring to work with the people of the Crossroads-Spanish Branch.

I love you all! Keep up the great work! Remember who you are!

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