Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Long Live Espanol!‏

Hola familia y amigos! Como le van?
Okay, this week has been so great! Want to know why? Okay awesome. 
So I loveeeee my Spanish Branch! They are SO great! I love being able to teach in Spanish--Finally!! Our branch consists of people from Mexico, Columbia, Peru, Brazil (Portuguese speakers trying to learn Spanish), El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, and I think one person is from Argentina. SO DIVERSE! I can't explain to you how much I love it. Viva espanol! Everyone has their own accent, and it's interesting trying to understand them all. They even claim not to understand each other at times! haha 
But something cool was that Sister and President Choi our mission president spoke in our branch yesterday! That's a huge deal people! A General Authority was speaking to our little Branch. Sister Choi spoke first, and it was darling. But then President Choi got up to the pulpit and our Branch President, Pres. Martinez was at the pulpit with him to translate. So there they were standing right next to each other, Pres. Martinez translating after every sentence or phrase Pres.Choi said. But, President Choi was speaking SOO fast, and he continued saying his next thought way before Pres. Martinez was even done translating! There were times they were talking simultaneously, but it was a miracle that both of them could be understood completely. It was very fast-paced and no one understood how in the world Prez. Martinez was able to keep up, and with such accuracy. His translations weren't even watered down in the least. They were as exact as they could be. President Martinez had his eyes closed in complete focus when he was up there. It was crazy! We talked to Prez Martinez afterwords congratulating him for being able to do that, and he said, "That was not me. That was the Spirit." And he just looked at us with tears in his eyes.
President Martinez is one of the most humble men I have ever met. When I was watching and listening to him up there, I was humbled by his humility! All he has is love in his heart and his eye is single to the glory of God. Perfect example of humility and diligence.
Yesterday we went to visit a less-active family, and it was cloudy. What's new? But we were in the car saying a prayer before we went to meet with them. (We pray before every visit) I was praying and I asked Heavenly Father for His help for us to be able to show them the importance of Him (God) in their daily lives, and BOOM a HUGE thunder cracked! HAHA it was HUGEEE people! The timing of that thunder was hilarious! And it never ever thunders here. Weird, I know but Seattle normally doens't have thunder or lightning at ALL. It was hilarious! Then a few minutes later when we were walking to their apartment, we saw a 3 year old peeing off his balcony! haha And then when we got inside the family's house, and began talking a little bit, the 19 year old son came out in just his boxers on accident....... hahahhahaha these instances made for the most hilarious 20 minutes of my life. haha!
Also,guess whose house we went to for dinner last night....

We walked in, talked about Argentina, La dee da, I asked the man where he was from, he said "The Reno, Nevada area." What?! haha he is Rick Lund's BROTHER! hahahahaha we laughed for a good 2 minutes. haha it was SO funny! It was so fun to talk to him about people we knew and stuff. It made me feel at home! Instant bond. haha Apparently he worked at Microsoft right next to Intuit on Neil Road? I don't know where that is. haha but he works at Microsoft here in Sammamish now. He knows the Footes, Bob Welge, all the good guys. haha! He doesn't think he knows you Dad, but maybe he does. He graduated from Sparks High School. Went to Spark middle school. Good stuff! All the while we were talking, it was POURING rain and we thought we were going to have to have a sleepover with him and his wife because of flooding. haha anyways, it was a great time.
Also, we taught a family after their fiesta birthday for their 8 year old son, and we got cake and sang feliz cumpleanos for him! So mom, that was me singing to YOU! haha :)

Being companions with Hermana Alley and Laney is super awesome! Hermana Alley reminds me SO much of KARI LYNN! If I look away and she talks, she really sounds like Kari. SO HILARIOUS. Hermana Alley is a HOOT and we have SO much fun together. Hermana Laney has been out for 15 months (almost done!) and she is my hero. She works so hard and is always always always in tune with the Spirit. We've already had instances where we were able to find certain people simply because Sister Laney was inspired to go to a certain place at a certain time. I want to be like that! She's an inspiration! She's great with helping me and Hma. Alley with our Spanish. She's very patient. haha :)
In our branch, 3 members received their endowments on Thursday! It is SO great. It is strengthening all of our members. I just love it.

Us Hermanas cover the whole Bellevue Zone (zone = Stake, too) so we have multiple English areas in our area. Does that make sense? But anyways, the Seattle temple is 4 minutes and 27 seconds away from our apartment! AH! So gorgeous. It's a privilege to be able to see it on a daily basis.
The food this branch makes for us is spectacular. Goodness, why is everyone here such great cooks!? haha Papusas, Tamales, this sandwich thing drenched in soup was probably the best things I had ever eaten. The sister that made it gave us TWO to BEGIN with (HUGE) and expected us to have more.... uhhhhhhh.... I can't fit anything else in my stomach. It's rude to refuse food. Like, way rude. hahaha. Goodness, this can't be good. hahaha :)
Anywho, I just love it here! I love teaching people the truth, especially in the language that I was called to teach it in. Thank you all for all of your prayers! I've heard that when you itch your nose, someone is thinking of you. I itch my nose a lot. hahahaha ;)
Les amo muchisimo!!!

Hermana Gardner (my last name is really hard to say.... I don't know what to do about that.. haha I feel bad)

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