Tuesday, October 22, 2013

ARGENTINA: I'm coming, I promise!

Okay! So now I'm flying out of the United States on Thursday! But that's okay, because I get two more days in the most Awesome mission EVER. Seattle for life! haha :) 
I forgot my adapter for my camera, sorry. I did have pictures but they'll have to wait until next week or two weeks from now. 
So on Saturday was the HUGE branch Cultural Baile fiesta dance event thing! It was SO good! Tons of people came and got to see the inside of an LDS chapel :) Seeds---Planted! We had a missionary stand at both of the entrances to talk to people as they came in, super fun stuff. 
Oh! Dad. There is a Bishop Gardner in our stake and his Grandfather is Archibald. haha! Cousin! It was fun to laugh with him. Also, There's an Elder Gardner in our mission. 
Last night we ate Dinner at the Lund's again! It was so awesome! Hermano Lund apparently is moving to Minden!!!! haha :) I was like, I LOVE Minden! I love the Lunds so much. We should get together after the mission.

The other day we had 4 dinners in one night! Oh my goodness, it was overwhelming. And you can't tell them that you already ate dinner, that's rude! haha so we prayed so hard during the last couple to be able to eat.. it was hard... mission life is rough... haha ;)

So Elder Dychs' talk was THE BEST of the whole conference! I am SO serious! What a stud. I KNOW HIM! hahaha :) LOVE.

Okay, Paul V. Johnson came and had a conference with us on Saturday, and it was THE best conference I've ever been to. MY goodness, that man! He taught us about the fact that the Kingdom of God is not going to role forward without the members and missionaries working together at ALL times. This is SO important! I cannot stress it enough. He showed us how to do this, and it was amazing. He also talked about how we are literally all here in this mission at this time for so many profound reasons, whether we're VISA waiters or whatever. I can't even put into words the Spirit that was at that conference. I felt like he was staring at me the whole time. He could probably see right through me. I'm beyond humbled! The mission choir was able to sing for him and he LOVED it. haha it was fun :)

During that conference, President Doman (who was being released as Pres. Choi's counselor) was bearing his departing testimony and mentioned that Brother and Sister Bowhey in his ward (Edmonds ward where I served last transfer) ARE BEING BAPTIZED THIS SATURDAY!!! When he said that over the pulpit, I started CRYING. That is a MIRACLE! We worked with them so much! They have been investigating for a YEAR, and now they are following the example of Jesus Christ and being baptized! AHHH :)

Ambrosio is progressing so much, I wouldn't be surprised if he was baptized in the next couple of weeks! Me and Hma Laney have been focusing on "Pure Testimony" in our lessons, because that's what brings the Spirit. Guess, what. It works!

Here's an example: Last night we had a lesson with Carlos and Rosalba and their 4 awesome children. A member Jose Martinez de Dios came too, which proved to be the best decision ever. Carlos was wondering why there are SO many versions of the Bible and SO many churches. We decided to read Joseph Smith History where Joseph was wondering why everyone interpreted the Bible so differently. We read through that, and all the way to Joseph's first vision (we already taught them the first vision in the past). This time it just CLICKED! We testified that Joseph Smith really is a prophet of God, and that Christ's Gospel has been completely restored to it's fullness. The Spirit filled the room so strongly! Everyone felt it. Carlos and Rosalba were crying and Yahir (the 10 year old boy) said, "What is that?" Then Jose Martinez de Dios said "That's the Holy Ghost." And Yahir said, "That means this is true!" WHAT A MOMENT! Then we all went and knelt down in the living room to kneel and pray together. Rosalba said it and asked Heavenly Father if this is all true. The Spirit testified to them that it is!

Family and friends, this is true! The Gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored to it's fulness! Don't forget that! And don't disregard that! This isn't just some church or some thing we do on Sundays. This is why we're here! It's why I'm here.

My mission is changing my life. And I am so grateful for that. Let the Gospel change yours! :)

The next email will be from ARGENTINA :)

LOVE para siempre,


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