Monday, October 14, 2013

Destination: Argentina‏

 Guess where I'm going to be in 10 DAYS?! Buenos Aires ARGENTINA! I got my VISA!!!!
My flight is going to be either on the 22nd or the 24th, I've been told two separate days.. but I think I can call home at the airport! I think? haha :) But yeah! YAY!

But I am suuuuper sad and depressed to leave the best mission in the WORLD! I have so much pride in the Seattle Washington mission, It's kind of ridiculous! hahaha :) I LOVE my companions, district leaders, my Zone leaders, the Assistants and President and Sister Choi. My goodness, if I could stay here my whole life I would. Yeesh. haha :)
 But anywho, on to the work! This week Ambrosio came to church! We had a church tour with him on Saturday, and that was really great! So exciting. Church was crazy though because Gospel Principles class went too deep, people were getting hyped up about the activity on Saturday, and testimony meeting was kind of weird. Every ward has those Sundays where people bear their testimonies about the upcoming event or the weather. But even though church was slightly chaotic, I know that Heavenly Father won't let that affect Ambrosio's conversion :) Ambrosio is the best! He is well on his way. We're meeting with Carlos and Rosalba and their family again tonight to teach them about the Plan of Salvation. Way exciting!!

We had an AWESOME week this week, so blessed. We had many lessons and a lot of progress. This transfer has been so great because we were able to help a lot of less-active members come back into the fold with their families! It makes me tear up when I see them in their Sunday best and come into church :) So these are some random pictures, me and my amazing companion sister laney, and me and sister L and Orlin (who is the son of a very recent convert) and his mom Teresa! LOVE them so much! We've been working with Orlin to help prepare him for baptism. He's gone through a lot but it was such a great experience to see him be baptized! :)

Okay I have to go get fingerprinted again because my FBI clearance EXPIRED! Sorry mom :) haha LOVE YOU ALL! And sorry for not writing you all back! I will as soon as I can!!

Hermana Gardner :):):)

PS these are 3 separate little boys. Orlin is in white, Dillon is on the couch with us (son of a less-active but now active family) and Hyrum who is on the couch with sister Laney, Dillon's brother. He is a stud! He doesn't have a left hand, and he is my HERO. :)

P.S. Elder Paul V. Johnson is speaking to us on Thursday!!!! and we are singing our mission song for him! And I am a child of God and A Child's prayer :)

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