Monday, February 10, 2014


¡Hola mundo! ¿Como andan? ¡Este semana fue muy bueno!  En serio. Me ENCANTA Chacabuco más y más cada día. Y mi bici. Y mi compnañera! Y las personas que enseñamos.

 Hermana Espinoza and I like to yell out to the world how much we love Chacabuco when we're riding our bikes in the middle of nowhere (or between Quintas). hahaha. Because sometimes in the early evening, the weather is to die for, and it is gorgeous here in this little town. LOVE.

But anyways! It's been a great week! We were in Capital, Buenos Aires the city, (like 3 or 4 hours away, depending on who's driving) Monday and Tuesday, and so we had a TON of Key Indicators to catch up on for the week! And we finished all of them by Saturday! Dahh, we were so happy! Our District leader called us yesterday saying how proud he was of us and how we're an example to the District and the Zone. WOO. Oh, Key indicators are the goals that we have as missionaries to help us teach and help more people than we would be able to otherwise. Key indicators help us to plan our time better and reach out to more people, and teach them according to their needs so that they can progress.

Okay, so I have more time to write today, so I'm going to talk about none other than, the Book of Mormon! :D  
This week in our study of the Book of Mormon, my testimony has been strengthened MUCHICIMO. The Book of Mormon is true people! More than anything else! 
But something I realized in my study is that the more I come to understand the context of what I'm reading, the more edifying it is. For example, our favorite scripture masteries that we all know and love (the scriptures we always hear and are super awesome) are really brought to light when you understand what is going on behind that verse! Things are really brought to light when you understand the context. Love that. 
Also, I wanted to assign you all una tarea. Homework. haha :) As you read the Book of Mormon, make sure to notice and take into consideration who is talking. Who is narrating. Is Lehi speaking? Is Nephi speaking? Is it him writing the words of Isaiah to future readers, etc... Especially try to find when Mormon comes into play. Mormon was the person who compiled the different writings and stories of the different prophets, right? Sometimes as Mormon is telling the readers (us) about a story of the Brother of Jared for exampe, he (Mormon) pops into the story and puts in his own 2 cents of prophetic counsel to US, the future readers! For our benefit! I don't have my Book of Mormon with me, or else I would give you an example. But when we realize when Mormon comes into play, it is so awesome! Dahh, I just get so excited when I find little nuggets of treasure in the Book of Mormon. hahaha :D Okay, sorry. I just love this sacred book! Please read and study it! :):)

Oh, we have the baptism of Lucas on Saturday! Who is 10 years old. His parents aren't married so they can't be baptized (yet). But we are super excited! YAY! :)

¡Les quiero mucho!
Hermana Gardner

P.S. These are pictures from our back window of the sunset. Pictures don't show how really truly beautiful it is out here. Love it! :)


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