Monday, March 3, 2014

Chilvicoy Norte-- ¡Donde Milagros Pasan!‏

¡Hola, y bienvenidos a todos, a mi carta de la semana! There is not enough time nor room on this page to explain the hundreds of LITERAL miracles we have seen this week. But I think I'll share just a few. This is also part of the letter I wrote to President Carter...

"Juan Carlos. He very much believes in all the Santos and worships Mary and what have you, and does not belive in the Resurrection. There is a certain point that you just have to dejar de enseñar (stop teaching) certain investigators-- but Juan Carlos is different. Hna. Espinoza and I both felt that we needed to continue teaching Juan Carlos this past transfer, and finally he came to church yesterday! President, sacrament meeting yesterday in Chacabuco was the most powerful testimony meeting I have witnessed on my mission. It was PERFECT for 4 of investigators who came to church to be a part of! And after church, we taught a lesson to Juan Carlos, and he began to understand why it is important that we don't worship Santos or anyone else but Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ. It was a breakthrough moment! And... he accepted a baptismal date and is going to make a torta for after his baptism! En serio? Hermana Espinoza and I about fell out of our seats when he accepted his fecha with such enthusiasm! I think his change of heart came from the powerful Spirit that was at sacrament meeting. I am so grateful for that meeting! It started out with Presidente Figueroa bearing a humble testimony of Christ , His Church, and eternal families. Many members followed him, bearing simple heart-felt testimonies of the Savior. (Usually it is 3 or 4 of the same people every month talking for 15 minutes each). There were a lot of people in sacrament meeting, I think about 45 or 50 people! One of our recent converts Mariano (13 years old) got up and bore his testimony! He said he is preparing to go on a mission and "Hay que ir cada semana a la capilla" !!! Considering how many less'actives we have, THAT coming from a 13 year old boy made it almost rediculous that everyone doesn't come on a weekly basis. Oh my goodness, when he got up there and bore his testimony I was filled with so much love and understanding of our purpose as missionaries! Real conversion. 

Another miracle was when we were riding our bikes, and we needed to go one way, but it was contra-mano, so we had to go the other way for a cuadra. We found a little group of people we felt we should contact, so we contacted them. But, as we were talking to them, a lady from 2 houses down yelled "Chicas!" And so after we finished with the first people, we went over to her and we taught the Plan of Salvation to this woman and 7 of her adult family members! They were all really interested and had very specific needs. The lesson was very powerful and spirit-led. Most were teared up and are excited for us to come back! I know Heavenly Father put all of our plans and things together that day so that we could find this family.

Okay, and here is a thought I had while I was studying in Mosiah. thought I'd share it with y'all.

Key Indicators is like the Law of Moses!! 

The Law of Moses was meant to help the people be continually focused on the coming of Christ-- His sacrifice, His Atonement, their duty towards Him. A way of helping them keep track of their progress (daily, weekly) in becoming like Him and focusing on Him. 
But- When they kept the law of Moses just to keep it, just to check it off thier list, it did no good for them! For anyone for that matter! 

The concept of Key Indicators is the same. When we focus on the Key Indicators for the right reason, in the right way, and who we're teaching, (our duty towards Him) it will help us achieve our full potential! We won't be completing the tasks just to check it off our list. We are "Placing the animal in us and letting it be consumed" (Maxwell) and we will achieve success in behalf of others because of our sacrifices and commitment to keep the "law" and become more like Him, and in doing so, blessing the lives of others.

Anyways, I thought that was just genius. haha

Les quiero MUCHO!!!!!

Hermana Gardner

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