Monday, February 24, 2014

Chacabuco B for life!‏

I'm pretty sure we're both staying here in Chacabuco for another transfer! Woo! I AM SO EXCITED! Our investigators are making great progress and we are so happy to be able to help them progress! It is so hard having to leave when you're on the edge of greatness. haha so, we're glad to be here still! Right now I am currently in Ramos Mejia again for 2 days doing my FBI clearance paperwork and whatnot. We're going to Capital tomorrow to finish it up. So we're here for now! We'll be back in Chacabucco tomorrow night.

I am very pleased to announce that I can officially ride my bike with NO HANDS!!!!!!! For a really long time!!!! haha :)

Cool experience because I have 5 minutes left:

We passed by Jorge, one of our investigators the other day to see how he was doing. He lives alone, and that is really hard on him. All the old people that live alone here always are saying how horrible it is and we can see why. Jorge never has anything to do and he doesn't know how to read, nor does he have any friends. So we're helping him quit smoking and turn his life around. But when we passed by, with tear-filled eyes, he told us about how much he is willing to change his life for the Gospel. He sees what the Gospel can do! He is coming to church and "Noche de hogar" on Wednesdays. I am so happy to help this man!!!!

I love you all! Remember who you are, and Hurrah for Israel! :)

Hermana Gardner
Here are some pictures! 
Here is a picture of me in the home of the familia Chavez! Carlos is the dad, and the three boys, Lucas, Daniel and the little blonde one we call Chicitito. haha it's funny, the two youngest boys are brothers and they look completely opposite. I love Argentina for this reason! haha so diverse. 
This pic (with my lovely companion who loves pink ;) ) is of the home of Jorge, an investigator who we are helping to quit smoking.

This is the home of our little Lucas who recently was baptized!

 One of our favorite streets to contact. The dogs are nicer on this street. haha ;)

This is Marta y Suzanna! They are so amazing. Marta's husband died recently and finds it really hard to go to church since this time. We're helping her get back on track! And Suzanna lives with her and is a non-member. She's almost there! :)


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