Monday, June 23, 2014

Chacabuco for life!‏


Hey! I'm still in Chacabuco with my capa of a companion Hermana Manriquez! I'll be here for 2 more months!! YAY :D Chacabuco has my HEART! A little about what's going on here:

Sacrament meeting had 32 people on Sunday! SUCH a great accomplishment, I couldn't believe it! It made me tear up seeing so many people ready to take the Sacrament. 
The Diaz family is doing GREAT! The three kids are being baptized this weekend!!! Ludmila, Anahí, and Cristan (Manù) hehe :) I LOVE THEM. Every one of them had to be my best friend in the pre-excistance. I seriously feel like I've known them forever. Please please please pray for them, they need as many prayers as they can get, especially this week. 
Our dear Mission President and his wife are leaving for the United States on Saturday :( I am heartbroken. Their mission (of 3 years) has come to an end. I am SO forever grateful for the HUGE impact they have made on my life. They have CHANGED my life for the better. Such amazing people. On tuesday we traveled to Ramos Mejia to have a huge mission conference (and transfer meeting) to say goodbye to President Carter and Sister Carter. We watched a few videos of them and thier mission and we were all bawling. And then at the end they showed a video of their family, and we balled even more. And then, every one of us (238 missionaries) got to go shake hands and hug Pres. and Sister Carter while someone was playing the piano. We were all crying.. watching other people wait to go say goodbye to them was very touching. It made me think of what it will be like to greet the Savior.

Our new president will arrive this Saturday. I don't like change. haha :) but I'm excited to get to know President Robertson!

Yesterday we visited a member who is very old out in her ranch (quinta) and we drank REAL MILK! With a nice thick layer on top. It was great. And delicious!

We're working our TAILS off. I LOVE this work. Every day I am understanding better and better my purpose and the amazingness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I can't believe I only have 5 months left. This is my life! I can't imagine my life being anything other than the way it is right now. 100 percent dedicated to God. 

I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior, and the Savior of all mankind. If I don't accomplish anything else in my mission, this assurance is plenty enough for me. 

I love you all!
Hermana Gardner

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