Monday, July 21, 2014

¡Shoutout from Chacabuco!

I'm running out of titles for my emails.. haha
¿Que cuentan?
This has been a great week. I wanted to share with you all that we're having major improvement in the Chacacabuco Branch!!! Dahhh :) We did a couple AWESOME branch activities that were major successes. Everyone left there with a huge smile on their face. We had 31 people at church (that's a ton. haha) yesterday, and it was so great to see all of them there. It was funny, yesterday the Elders weren't at the church (they were looking for one of thier investigators), and during sacrament meeting when I went up to lead the music for the opening hymn, we didn't have Elder Alvarado to play the piano!!! (I didn't even think about that). ANd so in the moment I had to go play the hymn and my comp led the music. I was like.... ummm okay! haha. The hymns chosen that day were not easy. Thanks for picking the one with 4 flats for the opening hymn!!! haha

We had exchanges this week, too! I went to Junín (45 minutes away) for 2 days and my companion stayed here in Chacabuco. It was SO GREAT! We did a Family Home evening there in Junin (FHE branch-wide) about the Plan of Salvation. And so each room in the church was a different kingdom . All decorated and stuff. I was in charge of the Terrestial Kingdom. And when everyone came into that room, I had to explain what I did in my life, and why I was there, etc. Then an "angel" asked me where my family was... And everyone was looking at me waiting for me to answer... And then I said, I don't know.. not here.. I can't ever see them again.. and then everyone started crying! And so did I a little bit! ANd then they all left and went to the celesial kingdom and learned about what we need to do on earth to be able to live there with God and our families. IT WAS GREAT!

This is a picture of Malvina and me! (She is an ANGEL!) And this is a picture of Choriso. haha :)
 Julio Ceasar did this for my companion and I after the baptism of his children. SO GOOD. haha

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