Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hello World!

How is life?
I have 7 minutes.. So sorry. But the following things happened this week:

Us 4 missionaries participated in a funeral this week for the uncle of our convert family Diaz. We sang O my Father (it was awesome) and a brother from the branch said a prayer for the family. Then it was super funny because us 4 missionaries (with helmets and all) and this brother from the branch all rode on our bikes together from the funeral home to the cemetary and my comp and I were cracking up laughing at how funny we all looked. I LOVE MY MISSION. hahaha
The cemetary is HUGE and weird, but at the same time is was a spiritual experience to realize the truthfulness of the plan of salvation. But seeing so many tombstones and caskets made me stressed out at all the Proxy work we have ahead of us. START NOW! haha :)

I gave the RS lesson "Quieres ser Sano?" by Elder Dychs last conference talk. YAY for him! It was super fun.

We found a Friend magazine in the church library and we found the picture that APRYL STOTT drew in the march 2009 issue. It made me so happy! haha

I love you all! Remember who you are! 

Hermana Gardner

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