Monday, November 24, 2014

Buenas Tardes

Hola! Sorry this is late! We were in Ramos Mejia putting together the Christmas Program with Hermana Robertson (president's wife), and we just now got back. The Christmas program is 2 days after I leave... Awesome! lol but that's okay. I'm happy to help.

I think this week basically I am just so happy to be alive. If I had a nickle every time I got a feeling of just pure joy... I am just so happy to be here! It is a privilege to work with such amazing people and leaders and investigators and people in the street and companions! I know that Heavenly Father is in the details and the big picture!

Hermana Totten was asked by president to write the narration for this Christmas Program and it was a lot of work for her to do in just 1 week with very limited time. We were booked this week with appointments and meetings and such. But she put together the program in such a beautiful way! She was very worried that it wouldn't work out, or it wouldnt catch the vision of what Hermana Robertson wanted. But as we went to present it to her today, Hermana robertson started crying because she loved it so much, and it caught her vision. I can't explain how much joy it gave hermana Totten to know that Hermana Robertson loved her ideas and the narration she made. She is SO happy, and I think it really has made her feel much more confident and successful as a missionary. She presented the organization and narration to a group of missionaries (that will be the choir), and seeing her up there made me so happy! I LOVE seeing her learning how to take initiative and her progress and success and happiness! It seriously fills my heart with joy!

Be sure to look for the "He is the Gift" campaign by the church. The Church bought out ALL the advertisements of Youtube for a whole day in December (I'm not sure which day.. December 1st?) to advertise this campaign. We as misisonaries will be spreading it around starting the 28th of Novemember. SHARE IT WITH EVERYONE! :D If you don't know what it is, ask your local church leaders :) haha
It will be .. but beginning the 28th of Nov.

Anyways, I love you all! Keep being GREAT!

Hermana Gardner

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