Monday, November 3, 2014

La Cosecha

Hola mundo! Okay, sorry. The power totally went out in the middle of our time to email so that's why you're all recieving this later. haha. It has been pouring rain for 3 days. It's been pretty flooded where we normally work the most. I think the fasting you did for rain and snow got sent over here. Maybe when I go over there I'll bring some. The power is out at our house but we're super happy that this Cyber is up an running. haha

It's been a great week! We talked to the Scarfos and they're still having problems in their communication when it comes to religion. And yesterday when Desiree came to church she said she didn't know where her husband went... so yeah we don't know where he was yesterday. But we have an appt with them later today so we'll see. A really special and spiritual experience happened with them on Saturday that I wrote in my journal, I'll be sure to tell you about it when I get home. They accepted to be baptized in November! We'll see how everything turns out.- I have SUPER FAITH (haha) that they will be baptized! I love them so much!

My companion is AWESOME! I seriously love her. She's like, a life coach. I'll ask her how she feels about life coaching later.. haha she is doing GREAT!!!

Sorry if I didn't respond to some of your emails, we're short on time today!

Hermana Gardner

PS Elder CHRISTOFFERSON and Elder HOLLAND are coming to speak to us on NOV 15th and I'm in the mini choir with my comp. Did I already tell you that? haha but anyways, we're excited to see them. And hear elder christofferson speak CASTELLANO! He served in Argentina under the Presidency of Elder Richard G. Scott (Mission pres). I love this country.

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