Monday, October 27, 2014

AMO mi vida

What a GREAT week!!

Did you all see the pictures? We had the BEST baptism ever of Iarra and Adela! I seriously am SO thankful to Heavenly Father for blessing us with such a great ward that helps out so much, and who made the baptism so spiritual. This is the first time that I've had leaders that are on the same page as each other, and us. And that page is Preach my Gospel. haha :) We had Ward Correlation after the baptism, and it just made me realize that the Organization of the Church of Jesus Christ is perfect! If we do everything the way He would have us, things turn out great! We've really seen so many tender mercies (specified blessings, specific for our ward) from Heavenly Father because of how the ward does things. We have 3 baptisms scheduled for next month, and we're excited to be a part of it all. We're getting to know the members, and they are excited to be part of the work. It's all about the "confianza" of the missionaries and the members!

We had something pretty sad happen the other week. Olga Lopez, a recent convert from July 2014, had a stroke. She has 2 kids that were also baptized (one of them is Iarra that was baptized yesterday.) and the older daughter isn't. Olga is in the picture below). Olga has lost the ability to speak, so she writes on paper. She can't walk well anymore either (she had a crutch before, but now it's worse and needs constant help to move) But the stroke is continually affecting her, and this week she began to not recognize the people around her. She doesn't know who I am, or any of the other members, even the ones that were always at her house helping out right after her stroke. The only people she recognizes now are her kids.. and on Sunday at church, her daughter went to the bathroom, leaving Olga "alone" and when her daughter got back she wrote on paper to her daughter "You left me here alone with strangers/what are you thinking?" It is such a sad story because she is such a faithful saint who is so obedient. It was a miracle that she came to church to see her daughter be baptized. She has gone through so many ugly things in life and we are praying and fasting for her so that she can steadily begin to speak and remember things. We as missionaries were always helping her and her family, and suddenly this happened. The whole ward is helping out, and today the bishop will be taking her and her older daughter to a good hospital (because here, the hospitals aren't the best and you have to wait like a month to finally go.) Anyways, I'm not sure why I told you all this, but it's the most important thing that's happening in the ward right now. We all just love her so much!

As for the Scarfo family (Fabian and Desiree).. they didn't come to church the other Sunday, it being Mother's day here in Argentina and all. They were traveling. But yesterday (this Sunday) they sent us a text saying that they won't be going to church and they didn't want us to be mad and that they'll explain later when they can talk. So we are concerned about that because they aren't answering their phone. We don't know if they meant that they will never go to church again, or just this sunday... We'll be stopping by later today. I just love them SO much and they have made SO much progress, more changes than any other investigator I've seen. I hope everything will be okay with them, and that they want to continue in the right path. Please pray for them!

I love this work. I think I am just beginning to understand the importance and magnitude of my calling. (Now that I have a month and a half left...) But I really and truly love this work and the Gospel of Jesus Christ! I know that His Gospel and Church have been restored to it's fulness. I'm so grateful for that knowledge.

I love you all! Recuerden quien son. :)
Hermana Gardner

Hola! Acà son los fotos del bautismo de Adela (la mujer mayor) y Iarra (la niña). Fue un bautismo espectacular!! Lleno del Espíritu. Hermano Sanabria es nuestro lìder misional, es como un papá para nosotras. AMO Ituzaingò 4. Amo amo amo.
Les amo!
Hermana Gardner


Hi!, Here are the pictures of the baptism of Adela (the older lady) and Larra (the girl). It was a spectacular baptism. I am full of the spirit. Brother Sanabria is our ward mission leader and is like a father to us. I love Ituzaingo  4. Love love love

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