Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Facundo Gallardo's Baptism- Happiest we've seen this family in a long time.
 The baptism of Fabian and Desiree Scarfo. I think I cried multiple times that day of happiness. They did, too.
 Us with Hermano Fabricio Cobian and Hermano Arcidiacono- These two men and their wives played a HUGE role in the Scarfo family's conversion. Without them, the Scarfo's wouldn't be dressed in white. I love this work.
 The best district in BOA. Villa Amelia. Don't mind my random arm.
 Caught this picture when we parted ways for the last time after my last district meeting of my mission. I LOVE those missionaries. Typical Argentine street. Notice the garbage poles. :)
 Hermana Anguita fed us lunch every Tuesday. She is the best Chilean cook in Argentina! I LOVE my companion Hermana Totten. LOVE.
 Found a butterfly at the mission office!
Peace! This wall is around the corner from our apartment :)

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