Monday, November 11, 2013

Caseros 1B!‏

Okay, first things first,

MOM AND DAD! Happy anniversary on November 13th! WOO! Felicidades! :)

Okay, I have very little time. But I just need to tell you all how amazing my companion is. Her name is Hermana Leiva from Santiago Chile! I had a few dreams about that place before I got my call.. Who knows what that means! haha :) but I LOVE her! She and her whole family were baptized when she was 13 years old, and it makes me tear up just thinking about how much she loves the Gospel and the Savior. I am learning so much from her. 

Its funny. It is SO hot sometimes, and really cold other times. It makes you appreciate the little things. Like shade, or a breeze. Or a jacket, or the fact that you have a home to go back to. A lot of people don't have that luxury. We are teaching a few people who have very very little. Yet at the same time, my testimony is strengthened when I realize that Heavenly Father is 100% completely aware of their circumstances, and gives them what they need when they need it. That is amazing to me. Sometimes I look around and think, oh my goodness. Heavenly Father knows and loves every single person out there.

Quote of the week, I forgot who gave it to me: ''A great stumbling block appears when we give generously of our time and checkbooks but withold a portion of our inner selves, signifying that we are not yet truly His!'' --Neal A. Maxwell

I love you all!!

Hermana Gardner

Here are a few pictures!

One of the trains we take to District Meeting. The graffiti is actually kind of pretty! haha I love the train, a lot of times there is a guy playing the saxophone attached to an amp and another guy singing! haha

The view of my area from a member's home! Caseros! (I'm in the Caseros zone, Caseros 1 Ward and Caseros 1B is our area :)

Another Picture of the train tracks we cross every day :)

This is a picture of a member Hmo. Domingo (with the cane and blue scarf) and his neighbor Dante Moroni (Yes, his last name is Moroni!!) who we teach. Dante is 85 years old, Catholic all his life. He is reading the Book of Mormon, and he called Hmo. Domingo to tell him how much he loves the Book of Mormon, especially the Book of Moroni! So we went straight over and taught him more. Dante doesnt want to change his ways though... But we are still working with him and we know that Heavenly Father will soften his heart! :)

This is Yamelin, she was baptized very recently and is so very faithful! Ah, I love this girl so much. We teach her the retention lessons and I'm pretty sure she knows more than me. She loves Heavenly Father so much! It brings tears to my eyes. We are teaching her brother Limber, but he is not keeping any commitments or anything. It makes Yamelin sad. But we pray daily for them both.
This is Hermana Cohelo! One of the Hermanas in my Apartment :)

Yamila, my amazing companion Hermana Leive and me!

This is the view from where I sit for Personal Study in the morning! LOVE! I LOVE this place. :)

This is Hermana Cohelo from Brazil (yes, she speaks Portuguese and is learning Spanish and English), my companion Hermana Leiva (the shortest one, we are an awesome team), and Hermana Millett from Utah (the blonde) Love these hermanas!

Our kitchen! Complete with matches and gas to cook :)

 How we wash our clothes :) 

A street corner when we were hiding under an umbrella thing when it was POURING rain :) I LOVE THIS PLACE!

Love you all!

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