Monday, November 18, 2013

Hola Todos!

Here are some pictures!
Hermana Leiva (the best companion in the world) and me :) I just love our height differences!
Our Mission Office / Stake center, complete with fence and security guy :)
The Hermanas, who I love dearly :)
Okay, GUESS WHAT PEOPLE! Guess who came and spoke to us on Saturday. None other than Elder JEFFREY R. HOLLAND of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles! 
Oh my goodness, what a privilege! He came to our mission's Mission Office and spoke to the Buenos Aires West, North, and South Missions, along with the Buenos Aires MTC! We were all in the chapel and overflow gym thing, all 1,000-something of us. Ah, the Spirit was so strong! He spoke about how we need to truly realize who we are as missonaries. More important than what we do is who we are. What we need to do will fall into place once we realize who we really are. As missionaries and as people. Ah, I love him. As he was walking up to the pulpit, he put his hand on my back! haha oh my, it was great. haha :) I'm never washing that blazer I was wearing. haha just kidding. Elder Suarez of the presidency of the 70 came and spoke too! He is a stud, let me tell you. He spoke to us in spanish (he knows portugese, french, spanish, and italian. Stud). I learned so much from him.
We were all completely silent and sitting in the chapel studying our scriptures for a whole 2 hours before the meeting to spiritually prepare ourselves to hear from an apostle of the Lord. It was amazing to see soooo many 20-somethings not talking at all in one huge room for 2 whole hours. So much respect.
After the conference the other missions were dismissed to go back to their missions and our mission stayed in the chapel to hear from our mission president, President Carter (he decided to do this at the last minute). That part of the conference was so powerful. We were all crying because of how profound the experience was, and how our testimonies were strengthened immensely from feeling the Spirit so strong.
Something else that I've learned this week is about being METICULOUSLY Obedient, which is one of our mission motto things. (Como, leaving the apartment at exactly 11am, not 11:01, getting home exactly at 9:00pm, not 8:59 or 9:01, not staying at members homes for Almuerzo for more than 1 hour, etc.) Hermana Leiva and I have been working on that so much this past week, and we have seen so many miracles directly from it! It really is crazy. We found an hombre that is SO prepared and humble that we wouldn't have found if we didnt leave the house the minute we did. He is going to be baptized December 12th. We had to give him to the Elders in Caseros 2 ward, but he is a blessing to all of us because of our obedience. We are not perfect by ANY means, but I know that as we try at all times to be exactly obedient, we'll be blessed beyond measure. I know that's true.
Really cool experiece-- the other day, we were teaching a man named Jorge and his mujer (woman who he is not married to) and Jorge's two friends/co-workers. (We've been teaching Jorge for a few weeks now.) We were teaching them about the commanments and prayer and why they're important. But the lesson kind of went astray and was digressing as they all started joking about how Jorge always is drinking and how he can never change and that the missionaries can't do anything about it, etc. They were all laughing and making light of our purpose for being there. Hma. Leiva and I were kind of offended and needed to do something. But suddenly I found myself saying super seriously, and kind of loudly, "Jorge, We are representatives of Jesus Christ. And our purpose here is to help you come unto Christ and keep the commandments of God." Then it got all quiet, and the spirit changed. Its a great thing to have the spirit speak through you.
Thank you for all the love and prayers! I can feel them, seriously! Especially on the hard days.
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Gardner

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