Monday, December 2, 2013

17 Milagros

Hola! So much to write, so little time. :)

Okay, we had an AMAZING WEEK people! An amazing week I tell you. Hermana Leiva and I accomplished 100% of our Key Indicators! WOO! Which means we made the goals of the Mission President for the week. That like, never happens! And guess what. We had 7 people at church! SEVEN! Ahhhh. I never thought we would have to actually worry about 7 investigators at once at church. What an interesting problem to have! haha it was actually really dificult to keep track of all of them and make sure they go to the right place and everything. Wheew! We were blessed this week. I LOVE it!

Delia is progressing beautifully, she fits right in at church. She was mistaken for a member yesterday! AH :) Abraham is progressing well too! So excited for his baptism.

We're teaching Americo still, and he is on date for the 21st of December. He's the 75 year old that basically lives in the streets but has an apartment. I have grown to love that stubborn, bitter man as we've served him and prayed for him. He has grown up with parents that taught him there is no God. He doesn't really know how to feel, really. It is amazing to be able to see him progress and slowly but surely become a better person with more hope and happiness in his life. Ah, I love seeing the changes the Gospel brings in people's lives.

Saturday we needed 3 more new investigators to accomplish our goals for the week, and we were searching and searching all over our area for people to teach. Absolutley no luck. It was hot and humid and we needed people to teach, so bad. But at the end of the day, Hna Leiva decided that we should go to Palomar to find. Which turned out to be the best decision ever. There, we found a family that not only let us teach them, but fully accepted the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I LOVE THIS WORK! MILAGROS!

Hermana Gardner

Chao! Hasta luego, nos vemos...,

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