Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Quieridos familia y amigos,

Once upon a time in a land named The Buenos Aires West mission (which really isn't in Buenos Aires), in the month of December, the missionaries achieved more baptisms in one month than ever before in the mission. The excitement and "animo" for the work has never been greater! AHHH! Seriously, my heart is like, racing right now. I'm serious, medico? (haha) The Gospel is Restored in its fulness! :)

Okay, these past few weeks have been fantastic. Oh, by the way it was GREAT seeing you all on Skype! I LOVE YOU ALL!

The other day we had the baptism of Delia, who is a doll. She is so faithful and full of love! She loves church and the Gospel so much, and the fact that she can live with her daughter who died a few years back for eternity!

This Saturday we have the baptism of Leandro. Awesome story!: Leandro is 20 years old, a great, great guy. Respectful and just a great guy, especially for being 20. Leandro was taught by a couple sets of missionaries over the past few months, because of transfers of missionaries, and because he moved into our ward boundaries. His testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the strongest I've ever seen in an investigator. Yesterday we were teaching him about the covenant of Baptism and also the baptismal questions that he is going to be asked during his interview. The questions are about his testimony of certain aspects of the gospel like the law of tithing, do you believe Christ is your Savior, what does is mean to you personally that we have a prophet of God on the earth today? Etc. It was very profound to be able to talk to him about his conviction of the Gospel! But something that made me almost fall to the ground, was the fact that a member (that was in the lesson with us) asked him if he was going to go on a mission because he's only 20 (kind of jokeingly).. and he said with tears in his eyes, that he has actually been praying about it and wants to go on a mission! Oh my gosh, he wants to go on a mission, and he's not even a member yet! His testimony is so strong, and it is a privilege to be able to witness it!

A couple other things:
We went to the temple on monday and it was FANTASTIC! Everything in Spanish. So powerful! I love the temple so very much, there are no words to describe it!

Dad, our bishop used Elder Dyche's talk in sacrament meeting yesterday, and it was really powerful! :)
Becky, look up the song "What Heaven sees in you" by Doug Walker, and if not by him, the girl. It will make you cry :)

I absolutely love this work and love having the privilege to be doing it 24-7!

Keep being good examples to everyone around you!
Have a fantastic week!
Hermana Gardner

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