Monday, January 6, 2014

Cuantas Bendiciones!

Hola, ¡buen dia!

Okay I don't know where to start. Okay now I do. On Saturday we had the baptism of Leandro! It was glorious! It was a privilege to be able to work with a person so awesome and Christlike. And he's 20 and wants to serve a mission. Yeah!!

Okay, here is something I learned this week and am still learning. When we give our 120%, our absolute all, God blesses us with buckets and barrels of strength and blessings. It's how it is! He blesses us otherwise, but when we put forth all we've got, He will bless us beyond our comprehension.

Something else I wanted to share is about none other than--obedience. There are 3 reasons people have for being obedient. (To the commandments, to promptings of the Spirit, to our leaders, etc.) (1) is because of fear of what will happen if we're not obedient. Unpleasant consequences, etc. (2) is because we want blessings for being obedient, and (3) out of pure love for Heavenely Father and the Savior. I love this concept so much! When obedience is our quest, God will endow us with power! That's a quote from someone important.. haha

This week was fantastic! We completed all of our Key Indicator Goals for the week, and we were able to go to the other Hermana's area and help them complete theirs! It was a privilege to work for them in their area, in their behalf. We found and taught new investigators, and it was just awesome.

We're teaching the "m" family (because ALL 5 of their names starts with M) and it is so great! We are teaching them about where they came from and why their here and where they're going! :)

Love you all!
Hermana Gardner

 My companion and the other Hermanas in our apartment :) I am a little tall for my age.. hahaha :)
AND this is Leandro! Our New Years miracle! haha son bromas (just kidding).. but yeah! His baptism was on Saturday and it was marvelous!! Leandro is the tall one. He's 20 and wants to serve a mission, really? Yes really.

I love everything and everyone. In the world.

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