Monday, January 20, 2014

This is the Gospel of Jesus Christ‏

Hola todos! I have officially been transferred! I am in none other than the very small town of Chacabuco! haha and guess how far away it is from the mission office and Caseros. FOUR hours and a little bit! haha I am in CAMPO which means I'm serving out where everyone works in the feilds. haha this little town is probably the cutest thing I've ever seen. Everyone is so nice, and it is so.. chill. Tranquilo. Which is probably not a good thing, because the overall attitude of everyone is so chill, that it is really difficult to get people to come to church. haha

Our branch has like, 30 people in it. The building is little and complete with ceiling fans! haha its so cute :) The elders in our branch (its us and the elders serving here) are the counselors to the Branch President. Oh, and we ride BIKES! It's awesome. haha they're like, beach bikes. haha
The other day we were teaching an investigator named Andrea in her house, (made of concrete and tin/metal roof) and it was SO hot that you could fill up a cup of the sweat coming off my face... haha sorry that's gross. But literally we were dripping wet . haha It's super fun. All you can do is giggle about it, cause that's the way it is! 
My companion is Hna. Espinoza from CHILE once again! Both my companions have been from Chile! haha She's super sweet :)

President Carter came ALLL the way to Chacabuco on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday morning before he came (my 2nd day in this area) he called me and said, "I have a few things for you to do for me." AH! I was so nervous! haha I had to go to the central plaza and book a hotel room for him, set up appointments for the leadership of the branch for him, and get everything in line for his coming. hahaha man, was it official. But then he got here and took us 4 missionaries out to dinner! haha hes so cool. Dad, his voice is YOUR VOICE! When I talked to him on the phone, it was YOU! haha he walks the same as you and everything.. And dad! He likes what you do for your business! lol He says thats awesome. 

Anywho! I know why I'm here. I'm here to fix the branch, help people progress toward baptism, and most importantly, help my companion.

I love you all!!

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