Monday, April 14, 2014

I love my life!‏

¡Hola! FYI, I am so much better now! Up and runnin'! Let's go!

On Tuesday, I got to go with President and Sister Carter and the Assistants to pick up the new missionaries from the Airport! Just me!! haha it was fun. I went with them on a little tour of Buenos Aires, the temple, etc. After that, there was a couple of presentations at the mission home and I had to teach them all the technical things of being on a mission in Argentina. It was kind of sudden... 
Monday in the afternoon we had to up and leave to get to Ramos Mejia so that I could go with the President to go do this. My companion stayed in Ramos with another Hermana. It was fun to be with Pres. and Sister Carter and the Assistants! And the Refuerzos of course. haha

The next day was transfers! And now my companion is Hermana Arenas! Welcome to the best area in the mission-- Chacabuco B. haha :) I lived with her for 6 weeks when I was in Caseros! So funny! She is a good one! I can already see the success happen! It is going to be a GREAT companionship. She is AWESOME! She has 4 months on the mission. I have 10!!!!! Can you believe that?! Wheew!

On Friday we contacted a family that Hermana Espinoza and I had contacted a few weeks ago (This family wouldn't leave my mind... so of course we contacted them again!) and this family is SO GREAT! The parents are juntados.... (living together...) so obviously they can't be baptized, but their daughter Milagros (which means miracles) is SO AWESOME. She is 13 years old and she READ THE WHOLE PAMPHLET we left her overnight and came to church with us the next day! We taught her the Restoration after church (using questions that help her teach HERSELF the truths of the Restored Gospel, of course) and she wants to be baptized! BUT.... her mom isn't on board... and we need her acceptance..... dahh. The Branch president (Pres. Figueroa) and our branch mission leader and his wife (Hermano and Hermana Villalva, LOVEEEE) came to their house and gave a blessing of health to the dad who was in a HORRIBLE car accident 4 months ago and a chunk of his head is missing and he is bed-ridden. That definitely brought the spirit into their home. And so we'll see if the mom will support her daughter in her path to salvation! Milagros being baptized would be the BEST thing for this family, and I know it will SO help them right now.

I LOVE being a missionary!!! :D

Hermana Gardner

P.S. Pray for the Chacabuco Branch please! :) Rama Chacabuco por la VIDA! haha ;)

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