Monday, May 26, 2014

¡Chacabuco "B" por la VIDA!‏

Guess what! I'm still here in Chacabuco! (That makes 5 months). I am so happy! This town has my HEART and soul. But, I have a new companion! My old companion Hermana Arenas was transfered to Buenos Aires again, and my new comp is Hermana Manriquez!! I LOVE her, people. Mostly because she is from MEXICO! haha :D Yesterday we had tacos. It made my LIFE to eat something that has some SPICE! haha :) She is so great- she has the same ideals of being diligent and obedient, and that makes me SO happy! We have already seen so many miracles this week, including finding a family of GOLD. We are so happy to be here in Chacabuco together. WOO! 

Okay, the other day, I was reading the talk by Elder Richard G. Scott (stud) called "Acquiring Knowledge and the Strength to Use it Wisely" that Dad sent to me when I was in the MTC (back in the day.) I had already read it twice, but I found something SUPER important in there that I hadn't noticed. He said, "Significant things require Significant Effort." !!! Oh my goodness, genius! SO applying that! Consistent hard work. A FUL! 

Something that I realized really and truly this week is that the Atonement of Christ really kicks in when we are giving our ALL. Like, the enabling power of the Atonement isn't going to make miracles happen without effort on our part. But when we are giving our ALL, SO much strength is given to US to help US change our circumstances and not wait for our circumstances to be changed. I love that.

This week we worked long and hard to make plans to help our new investigators come to church-- all of which plans were "fija" (very fija), but after executing all of our plans Sunday morning, all of our investigators used their agency and chose not to come to the house of the Lord. I could say that we did all that we could do to help our investigators come to church, but there is ALWAYS so much more we could have done better. I am so determined to help the children of God come to His house and worship Him like they are commanded.

During Sacrament meeting, after looking around and seeing 0 investigators in the chapel and I couldn't help but cry. (because going to church is essential to baptism and enduring to the end). I was convinced that I was doing all that I could to help them, but I realized that God will help us out here in His Time, when we are doing everything (EVERYTHING) His way. Then President Figueroa read the revelation recieved by Joseph Smith when he was in Carthage where the Lord said, "Thy afflictions will be but a small moment, and if thou endure it well, God will exalt thee on high." I know the Lord needed to tell me that at this moment. It's not about "enduring" this "trial", but it's about doing everything I'm doing here "well" like the revelation said. I need to do everything I'm doing BETTER. Always. I have so much faith that Heavenly Father will bless us SO MUCH as we continue to press forward with a LOT of faith and a LOT of diligence and obedience.

I love you all!
Hermana Gee

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