Monday, June 2, 2014

Chivilcoy Norte, Donde milagros pasan ¡SIEMPRE!‏


It has been such a great week! Guess what! We found a family of 6 (and they are MARRIED mind you! NO ONE is married here. Everyone is living together. And so this family is GOLD. haha). And they are AWESOME! They all came to church yesterday! Oh my goodness. When we went to "buscar" them at 8:30am, we knocked on their door, and they were all ready to get to church at 9! With their nicest clothes and hair. I about fell over when I saw all of them ready to go to church! I seriously almost cried when we walked in their door yesterday morning. They went to all the classes and loved them. And they LOVED sacrament meeting! Especially because my stud of a companion gave an AWESOME lesson about the Sacrament in Relief Society that really helped them understand. Heavenly Father loves us SO much! Mary and Julio have four children (ages 10, 14, 16, 22) and they are great. The oldest son is a bit rebelious and didn't want to come to church with the family, but we're working on him! Mary (pronounced mari) is THE BEST. I'm going to tell you a bit about her. 

Mary is una CAPA. She studied with Jehova's Witnesses for 6 months. Like profoundly. Going to church, studying, etc. And she was at the point to be baptized there. She really really wanted to do what was right. Do what God wants her to do. And so she prayed to know if she should be baptized there. That night she had a dream that she was at the point to do it and officially join that church. She was in the main room of that church and was about to go up to the front to be baptized. She thought she saw a dove up at the front (the dove symbolizing the Gift of the Holy Ghost), and as she made her way up there, the dove disappeared! And she searched all over for it and couldn't find it. She woke up and realized that the church didn't have the Gift of the Holy Ghost like Christ Recieved after being baptized. She said herself "it didn't have the right authority!" When she said that I about fell out of my chair. She understands the concepts of the Great Apostasy, Priesthood Authority, and being baptized exactly like Christ was baptized. She said she wants to go to the Celesital Kingdom with her family :)

FAMILY OF GOLD! La familia Diaz :):):):)

The District (like a Stake, but made up of all branches) Presidency and 3 members of the high council of our District all came to help out the branch (leadership and otherwise) saturday afternoon and Sunday. I am SO very grateful for such great leaders! One of the Brothers in the high council ended up giving the Gospel Principles lesson and it was SPECTACULAR. It was PERFECT for our family of investigators, focused on them and their needs. Mary had questions and they were answered very clearly, and she enjoyed it a lot. It was the best 3 hours of church I've had as a missionary because our investigators were so involved and loved.
I LOVE my companion. I love her so much. We are learning and growing so much together! 

Oh, and umm... an old man in the branch gave me a gold ring with 3 diamonds...... (not real). haha.. cough. cough..

I gave one of the Branch President's daughters my missionary nametag (we order new ones, don't worry) and she was SOOO HAPPY. She is 8 years old and wants to serve a mission! :) She always attaches herself to my side. I LOVE HER. haha

Dahh, her and her sister who is 10 made me two cards and two bracelets! It made my life! ANd one of the little investigators did the same thing durig sacrament meeting on the back of a reciept! haha so cute.

I love you all! REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE! :D 

DyC 25:10

Hermana Gardner

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