Monday, May 19, 2014

Tender Mercies‏

¡Hola gente! :D 

So much to say, so little time. Yesterday Hermana Arenas and I sang Nearer my God to Thee in sacrament meeting. We thought the branch needed a little bit of spiritual nourishment. haha. (PS - I sang the alto part for the 2nd and 3rd verse. It was SO GREAT because I haven't sung alto my whole time being here because it confuses people. haha), and so they loved that. haha everyone was crying. So that was fun. haha :)

I wanted to share a few miracles that we saw this week. It was Sunday in the afternoon, and we had yet to find at least one more investigator for the week. We were not having ANY success finding, it was quite horrible. And so we decided right then an there to say a prayer to be led where to go. Because time was running short, and more souls needed to be saved. haha, after the prayer we said, we BOTH recieved the exact same house and person we thought we should visit. We had already passed by this home twice during the week, being rejected by the woman both times, but we felt like we needed to go by again! Super weird. And so we went there again, and we were immediately let in and we taught a woman and her husband about the Resurrection. Her husband is blind (hace 1 year or so) and they absolutely loved that. This experience made me realize that no matter our struggles or problems we may be having, Heavenly Father is SO COMPLETELY AWARE of every one of us! So aware. He loves us. We left that lesson feeling like effective instruments in the hand of the Lord. 
Also, this week, we found a few hidden treasures. We contacted a few people and families in the street that had already been taught by other missionaries in the past. When we went to visit them, almost all of them had their Book of Mormon at hand! Even if it was a really long time ago that the missionaries taught them. These Books of Mormon had testimonies from the other missionaries! I was so excited to see those. Some of them were from a really long time ago, and others not too far distant. The testimonies were from different Elders such as Elder Day, Elder Navarrete, Elder Fernandez, etc. It's funny to me that we found these all this week! It reminds me that we all are working toward one goal-- to help bring others to Christ, and that me and my companion aren't the only ones trying to do it. It was really great to find these hidden treasures.

We're working our tails off trying to find the people God has prepared to recieve the Gospel. I know this work is REAL! I know that Christ is my Savior Love you all!

Hermana Gardner


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