Monday, May 12, 2014

Hola, mundo! :D‏

It was SO GREAT to see your faces yesterday! Even if you couldn't see mine :) That's probably for the better. I felt like a wet dog. haha :)

It's so great to hear that things are going well at home! My sisters are THE BEST! Every one of them. I'm so forever grateful to know that my family is FOREVER. Speaking of families, yesterday we found a FAMILY that is MARRIED with KIDS! And they are super great and interested! WOO! (Everyone is "juntado" or living together, and so that is awesome.) They are coming to church next week. THEY BETTER! haha :)

Something I learned this week that was SO GREAT is in DyC 58:26-29. Read it! :) SO GREAT! We know what we should be doing, and we should be doing it by our own will! We should do many great things without being told to do it! LOVE THAT.

President Carter called us this week.. ahh! How scary that was.. He called about the obedience of my companion.. SHe is struggling a bit, and it's affecting our area. dahh. It's super hard. But I know I'm her companion for a reason! Pres. gave me the task to help her. Because obedience is going to affect her for the rest of her life.

Okay family and friends, I love you all! Keep being awesome!!

Hermana Gardner

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