Monday, May 5, 2014

I love you all!‏

¿Como les va? I know you are all doing GREAT!

I am SO happy to hear the GREAT things happening over there! It literally made my MONTH to recieve all your emails with so many glad tidings of great joy! I have like, no time, but THANK YOU for your emails and prayers! CONGRATULATIONS to my sisters for being so AWESOME!! (I loved that pic with Lindsey and Lizzy by the way, CONGRATS TO LIZZY!)

Mom! And Dad and Lindsey!  We get to Skype this SUNDAY May 11th! Not mothers day. But THIS SUNDAY! And so I will be either calling you or Skyping you around 2 or 3 or 4 YOUR time. Okay? Sorry we don't know the exact time. If I can't skype, I will be calling you! So be ready with the computer or the phone! Haha :) If the house phone doesnt work I'll call dad's cell. Deal? Deal! LOVE YOU ALL!

Hermana Gardner

(I am assuming the skype name is rickgardnerfivegirls because that is what I remember from last time. haha)
See y'all later!

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