Monday, June 9, 2014

I love being a missionary!‏

Hola! Como andan?

Hey, I have 6 minutes to write you all. haha, sorry.

So la familia Diaz turns out they are not married. But the thing is, they want to SO BAD! It's just that Mary's first husband died 20 years ago in Brazil but there isn't proof of his death, and so she can't marry her current husband! BUT! Her daughter is in Brazil trying to get the signature needed to prove his death! It just so happens that this daughter will be back this week with this signature :) And so.. We are going to marry them, and baptize them this month. That's the plan. And so please pray from them a LOT! That would be great! They are our family of GOLD. SO prepared and they are progressing SO WELL! I love them! We have an FHE with them tomorrow night. I love my life. An hour ago we saw them at the grocery store. So fun.

I love you all! Keep being GREAT! Saludos a todos! Have an awesome Trek! It is the BEST!!

Hermana Gardner

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