Monday, August 4, 2014

Chacabuco Fog

Hola people!

Every day this week has been SO FOGGY that it like, rains without raining.... the inside of our apartment was soaking wet all week. But that doesn't stop the work of the Lord :)

I don't think I've learned SO much in one week in my whole mission! This week was SO hard, (physically, spiritually, emotionally, and otherwise) for so many reasons, but it has been the most edifying. Heavenly Father Loves us SO much! He is so AWARE of the specific needs of His children. I hope you can all appreciate His specific love for you (Gracias Becky, for your thoughts on the Love of God).

I don't have any more time this week, but we'll see what's in store next week! Until then,

Hasta luegito! :D

Hermana Gardner

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