Monday, August 25, 2014

¡I love my life!‏


This has been such a great week! Really and truly. I feel like my companion and I have been real effective instruments in the hands of the Lord. We worked our tails off together these past two weeks, and I LOVE it! I LOVE my companion. It brings tears to my eyes to think about how much I love her. I didn't really know her before, but now I feel like I've known her for years. We've already had many many great experiences together that I am SO grateful for. She is a stud of a teacher and a stud of a missionary. Hermana Mumford has so much love in her heart that she expresses to the people so well. She is such a great example to me! It is a humbling experience to be her companion because I brought myself down to the "teachable" level again--and from that I have learned so much. We are learning so much together and I am just so grateful to be here in Ituzaingo! Technically we're in Castelar if you're gonna Google-earth it. haha we live a block away from the train station of Castelar :)

  We're helping a couple get married that we're really excited about, we found a REALLY awesome family of 5 (that are married) that were a reference from a member that we're working with and super excited about, and we're coming up to the baptism of a faithful older woman in September! It is so great to be able to work with them! A couple of sad things happened this week though, like, we brought a young man investigator to church but he left after the first class.. and our other really great and faithful investigator that came to church with us on Sunday told us that he doesn't ever want to talk to us again and "no quiere saber más nada." But we're continuing on! :) Heavenly Father has a plan for them, and He has a plan for us! We're here to find out what that plan is (by acting, and then being directed by the Spirit) and carrying it out! Woo!
I don't think I've had the Spirit with me so much on my mission, and I know that is because of the example and help from Hermana Mumford. The Spirit that we and I have is constant, and strong! It is so amazing to see and feel. I love being a missionary and learning how to have the Spirit with me ALWAYS!

This week, my companion started a huge kitchen fire!! haha nah, jk it wasn't that bad. She had super hot oil on the stove and put tomato paste on it, and then a HUGE FIRE in the pan started! The fire was up to the ceiling and super wide! And so we stared at it for a few seconds in panic, and then she stopped the stove, and then we looked at it more, and then it stopped. hahah. The thing is, we don't have lids to our pots and pans here, and so we didn't know how to stop the flame. But we got a few lids that people didn't want for future use. And I think I'll cook for now. Pobrecita. lol

I think Mom and others asked if we're on bikes or walking or have cars, etc. and what it's like here

    1. This mission doesn't have cars.
    2. We're walking! Love. I need new shoes.
    3. We are close to Ramos Mejia which is kind of close to BA the city.
    4. Yesterday it was HAILING a TON and the hail was GOLF BALL size! Luckily we were in a collectivo (bus) at the time, really it was a little dangerous because it can knock someone out! lol
    5. It was SUPER hot this week and freezing today. Who knows when spring will come.
    6. Our ward is the BEST! The ward members and leaders are actually working with us and we're having a    lot of success with less actives and baptisms. LOVE this ward! And plus, they're super funny. hahahaha. LOVE.

Anywho I love you all! We're going to cut this computer time short because we have a lot to do. 

Remember who you are! (Simba)

Hermana Gardner

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