Monday, September 29, 2014

AMO mi misión. And that's that.

Hola! It's been a great week in Ituzaingo 4!

   I have a new companion! Her name is Hermana Totten from MINNESOTA! So greatl!! She got out of the MTC 4 days ago! And so, I'm her Mom. Haha I'm training her :) I LOVE HER. It is SO GREAT to have her as my companion! She is about 5 foot 8, which is the TALLEST companion I've ever had! lol She reminds me a lot of Hannah Davis for SO many reasons, it is SO GREAT! I am so excited to be serving with her. But seriously, she is a stud. Her spanish is doing great! And she has a talent of simplifying profound things. Menos palabras, más poder. I seriously am stoked she is my companion!! 
   This Sunday we had 6 investigators at church (even though it was raining, which makes people not want to come to church) and a lot of less-actives that we are working with! The Attendance in Sacrament Meeting was more than it has been for a long long time. It make me SO happy to see so many people at church taking the Sacrament! 
   We "clapped" a door this week, and a woman came out and let us in her house to teach her. My companion and I had a member with us who is preparing for his mission (but is less-active..).When we all sat down around the table, she told us that she cleaned her house this morning top to bottom so that she could pray in peace. And so she was praying that morning to God for direction or a sign in her life because her husband doesn't want anything to do with God, but she wants the best for her 3 young children. And she told us that when we got to her house, she knew that God knew her and that it was the answer to her prayer.
    It's so great seeing the Scarfo family come to church feeling totally comfortable with the members. It really seems they are part of the ward now. Fabian with his suit coat and dress shoes and everything. Today we are going to re-set a baptismal date with them so that they can be an eternal family! 
    I love being a misisonary. More than I ever thought I would. (And I thought I would!) I know that we can Baptize, Retain, and Re-Activate, all at once! 
    Who's excited for General Conference!? ME!! It's my goal not to have the flu this time. Thank you Chrissy, for the reminder :)

I love you all and am praying for you!! 

Hermana Gardner

P.S. Saludos a Hermana and President Carter when you see them! I LOVE them! :D

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