Monday, September 15, 2014

I love my life.


It has been SUCH A GREAT WEEK! I don't think I've seen so many miracles in one week in my life. Our dear investigator Olga was baptized yesterday and was SO very happy! Her whole family was too. Bah, que lindo era... She is 71 years old and always told us that it CANNOT be cold or rainy on the day of her baptism, or she won't be baptized. Yesterday it was cold and rainy, but she was baptized anyways! She was happy as could be. We went through a lot to get the baptismal font to be warm. In the end, it worked out!

 Also, this Saturday we went to the temple! Olga came, and was feeling the spirit really strong. And guess who else came. THE SCARFO family! Well, the two parents, Desiree and Fabian and their 1 year old son. Desiree was going to come alone with us and with her son, but at the very last minute (literally, right before the bus that the ward had got to their house to pick us 3 up) Fabian got a text that said he didn't need to go to his work meeting thing! And so he said, "Puedo venir con ustedes?!" :D (can I come with you guys?) We about died of happiness in this moment because we KNEW the effect the temple would have on Fabian and Desiree and their progression. We got there, and it was SO great to see their reaction and questions and AWE that they had for the temple, it's cleanliness, it's spirit, etc. Fabian was especially shocked when he learned about and noticed all the safety features the temple has, and he said that the place has to be something special. He's into that kind of stuff. Desiree used a skirt (lent from a member) for the very first time in her life. It was such a touching and special experience to help them learn about the things of eternity. It made me realize what a privilege it is for me to have this knowledge already! It is literally a privilege to know without a doubt that the temple is the only place where families can be sealed together forever and we need to make promises with God that will allow us into His presence. This is the only place! And we as missionaries are doing all that we can to help the Scarfo family understand that. Then the next day (Sunday) they showed up to church all on their own! We didn't go "buscar" them, and they didn't take the church bus to church either! They came completely on their own, not having eaten lunch. (Church is at 2:30pm). It was a MIRACLE to see them walk in the door with Fabian in his suit coat and Desiree and their son in their best clothes. I have SO much faith that they will be baptized this month. I KNOW IT! We think about them CONSTANTLY and I have so much faith that now is the time for them to come closer to Christ. 

We are working shoulder to shoulder with the ward members. It is AMAZING to see the difference between a ward that works with the missionaries and a ward that doesn't. I've done both, and the first option is THE BEST. The progression of Olga and the Scarfo family is serisouly due to the support of the members! My companion and I had a great conversation with Bishop Rios yesterday that really helped us gain his confidence in us and our confidence in him. I think I'm seeing a tid-bit of how the Lord wants His children to do His work. The ward isn't perfect, and the missionaries.... MENOS! But if we are constantly focusing on what Heavenly Father would have us do as His servants (missionaries or otherwise) we will see success!

I know Christ is my Savior. I know that the Book of Mormon is true. There is power in the Book of Mormon that I cannot explain. I know that the temple is the literal house of the Lord, where His Spirit always resides. It is such a privilege to be here!

I love you all,

Shout out to mom! Happy birthday!

Hermana Gardner

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