Monday, September 8, 2014

¡Ituzaingo 4 es lo mejor!

¡Hola familia! ¡Ha sido una semana de DIEZ! Amo mi misión. Amo mi compañera, y AMO el barrio Ituzaingo 4.

Ayer tuvimos nuestra querida familia Scarfo en la iglesia nuevamente! Y tambien nuestra investigadora Olga and un otro quien se llama Hugo. Olga va a ser bautizada éste fin de semana! :D YAY!!
Yesterday we had our dear family Scarfo at church again! And also Olga and another investigator Hugo.
This weekend Olga is going to be baptized! SHE IS A DOLL. I love her. Always smiling. She is like, my best friend. haha pictures to come.

And we were SO happy to have the Scarfo Family at church again this week! The members are really friendshipping them. We have a lesson with a member scheduled for this Tuesday with the first counselor in the bishopric. His name is Hermano Cobian, and a few years ago, he didn't believe in God! And then the missionaries helped him with his faith, and then he served a mission, and now he's sealed in the temple! And so, hermano Cobian is PERFECT for the father of the Scarfo family because he (Fabian) is struggling a little bit with his faith in God and and really feeling like God is listening to his prayers. So that's his weakness right now. He still feels like he is talking to the wall when he prays and he feels awkward, too. So we're helping him with that, along with the help and friendship and example of the members. It's the best way to do this work! :D

This week we had a special 5 hour meeting with Elder Walter F. Gonzalez (Area 70, southamerica south) and it was GREAT! He and his wife are studs. I feel like I knew his wife before. We leared a lot about how to be full-purpose missionaries,  o sea, 1. Baptize 2. Retain AND 3. Re-activate. It is possible to do all three while at the same time baptize more people! This is the work of the LORD and HE is in charge. And when we do it HIS way, He'll bless us!

My companion is doing GREAT. I think she is really feeling the weight of being senior companion, but she loves it. This week I asked her kind of jokingly, "How can you be so focused when you only have 2 weeks left?" and then she said to me, "Because I've been waiting 16 months to be senior companion, and It's finally here." with a huge smile on her face. She is super focused. And we never ever speak english, by the way. She is just so great! 

I love my mission. I love being representative of Jesus Christ. I love my companion. And I love my area. The mission isn't easy in the least, but it is SO worth it. 

I LOVE you all! Yes, YOU! :)

Hermana Gardner

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