Monday, October 13, 2014

Hola, world!‏

Its been an awesome week! We were so happy to have 6 investigators at church on Sunday, it was the best! We're working our tails off, for sure. I think it all piled up on me because I woke up this moring super sick to my stomach. But its okay, it's P-day!

Kari is ENGAGED! Way to go Cooper! If you're out there Cooper, I'm excited to meet you. Props for how you proposed :)

And the Scarfo family. They're doing well! My companion invited them to be baptized again the other day, and they said maybe at the end of the month... we are learning that we as missionaries can only do so much, but the Spirit can and will do the rest. I know that they will be an eternal family. It's just a matter of time. As they keep doing the things they know they should, like going to church, reading the scriptures, praying every day, and keeping the Word of Wisdom, the Spirit will testify to them in God's time. I know it! Its seriously a privilege to know them and have them in my life. I know I knew them before this life.

We've been teaching a lot of Plan of Salvation lately. I love being able to teach it because I learn something new every time. Sometimes I learn new things that come out of my own mouth. That is such a tender mercy for me. Something that we explained to our Investigator Jorge is that he already chose to participate in God's plan! Proof of that is that he's here! And it's just about recognizing that and living His plan in order to know it's true. We have such stud investigators right now. I know God is blessing us! I love Him!

One of our recent converts had a stroke the other day. It was amazing to see how the ward went to action to help her and her family, right away. I love this ward with all my heart. I hope President doesn't change me next transfer! :) I don't think he will. I have to finish training Hermana Totten. She is so great!
It's getting hot again! Which I don't mind, because the cold and I aren't friends.

Another one of our investigators Adela is progressing steadily towards her baptism. Please pray for her!
Remeber who you are! Thanks for being amazing people! Every day I am more and more grateful to have such an amazing family who know who they are and their purpose. We work with a lot of families who aren't in the same situation.

Be sure to go over conference! So inspired!

Saludos a todos,
Hermana Gardner

 This is Olga and Hermano Sanabria our ward mission leader :)

 This is me and the Sosa family. They're from Paraguay :)

 This is our zone! Castelar :) Zone service project! We cleaned and painted an elementary school.

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